What does it mean to be self-aware? What does it mean to be conscious of every thought and emotion? There is a universe within your body and you already have the answers. Understand, you are a master of creation. Never forget that!


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September 4, 2019

I'm sure you've finally heard that the Amazon rainforest, the lungs of our planet, is currently on fire. It is no surprise that this is definitely having and will continue to have a major effect on humanity. It is completely disheartening to know that 3 weeks of this beautiful and extremely important ecosystem burning at an alarming rate did not raise any media coverage. We should all be heeding to the urging call of humanity to awaken. 

Now make no mistake, this is not new to Mother Earth. She has encountered this type of destruction before and will continue to thrive and regenerate, just not with us here if we don't start awakening to our own ability to raise our vibration to hers. One of these ways is to begin to awaken to the Life Force that beats all of our hearts. This Life Force responds to us every second of t...

September 26, 2018

“Each moment of our life, the reality of our internal truth (what we have become) is mirrored to us by the actions, the choices, and the language of those around us.” -Gregg Braden

Have you ever heard the term "the people in our lives are mirror reflections of us?" I've heard this term frequently and I even use it in my own life to try and acquire a deeper understanding of my experience here in this lifetime. I'll be completely honest here and say it is probably one of the most difficult things I am seeking to understand and at the same time the most liberating. In my life, I have ALWAYS been guided to the next powerful & most relevant teaching I need to learn to advance me on this path I have consciously chosen to be on. (The LOA in Action ALWAYS!) I read many books, listen to many audios & videos, constantly, always eager and in love wit...

August 7, 2017

  Have you ever noticed animals coming into your path and intuitively felt there was something profound they were sharing with you in that moment? Have you ever taken the time to listen to what they were telling you, or do you brush it off as an everyday mundane life experience?

A few days ago I was walking with our 4 year old son on our way to one of my favorite parks in Brooklyn, Sunset Park. As we neared the block to the park our observant son yells out in excitement “Mom, Look what I found!” It was the biggest, brightest green caterpillar I had ever seen! (I’m a Brooklyn girl, and all the caterpillars I’ve seen have all been small fuzzy ones!) So to avoid the possibility of this gorgeous cool creature being stepped on, I decided to scoop it up and carry it to the park. We found the perfect tree to let it make it’s ascension to the next...

March 29, 2017

People have given their health to their doctor,

their money to their banker,

their soul to the preacher,

their children to the school system, 

and in doing so...

have lost the power to control their lives.

-Rolling Thunder

If I were to ask you what you are, how would you define yourself? Majority of people define themselves by their physical characteristics and attributes which misses a very fundamental part of the entire makeup of The Human Being and all that surrounds it. When looking at your body it seems pretty solid, but research has shown that when the body is magnified a million times what they see is a single atom, and when they look further into the atom they discover an infinite amount of empty space and imperceptible energies moving at the speed of light. Why is this relevant? Because that means what we actually are, are beings of inf...

March 23, 2017

"It is only through clearing the fog of illusions that surround us

& switching our focus inward into our hearts,

that we really begin to see"

-Stephanie Bellocchio

There's a natural order of things in the universe. Infinite possibilities, constant expansion and contraction, contrast and clarity, an Ebb & flow of all that ever has and ever will exist. There's an Ebb & Flow of expression & receiving, and moments of letting go & surrendering and often pain when we go through the letting go process. We surrender & choose to grow and learn from another of our many life experiences. When we keep letting go and surrendering to the resistance and our often mostly self inflicting pains we get lighter and lighter reaching towards the sky like flowers, plants, and the branches on the trees all while becoming deeply rooted into the earth in consci...

March 16, 2017

"The world is a mirror for us, whatever you say about others is really how you feel about yourself."

-Deepak Chopra

A few weeks ago I was experiencing a rather unpleasant altercation with some people in my life. In the past I would have clung to a side of either "right" or "wrong." Where I am consciously now is in observation of my surroundings, physical & non physical. Remarkably instead of reacting as I would have in the past and seeing them as "wrong," trying to justify my "rightness." What began consciously coming into my awareness was a noticing of all the things that were happening and being brought to attention in my life. Events, circumstances, situations & things that were wanted and not. This perceiving awareness arose in me a false illusion that the perceived issue I was experiencing was because of these external people and...

March 8, 2017

“Investigate what thrills and excites you.”

-Mama Gena

Greetings! I have been feeling something incredible lately! A shift into being, for the most part, predominantly happy in and with my life! I'm experiencing a shift in FEELING that is manifesting outward into my physical experience. There have been so many teachers that I am forever grateful for that have come to me in consistently various different times throughout my life. They have all helped guide me to who and where I am now by having the courage to believe in their message and spread it the world.

One of them being Regina Thomashauer A.K.A. Mama Gena. Her life mission is to elevate ALL the women on this beautiful planet into awakening to their true nature, the source of who we really are, The Divine Goddess. She firmly believes with every essence of her being...

January 30, 2017

This past weekend I attended Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Experience 2 day workshop. For anyone who doesn't know of this Courageous Fierce Force known as Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena) she "is a revolution: an icon, teacher, author, mother and one of a handful of pioneers on the planet researching the nature of pleasure and dedicating her life to the discipline of pleasure and fun. She believes that women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet, and after attending her workshop I truly believe her! 

I was part of the attendance of 2,000 women at The Jacob Javits Center on the weekend of The Famous Womans March. 2,000 women ALL in alignment supporting, accepting & uplifting each other regardless of our political beliefs, ethnicity & religious backgrounds was truly comforting and empowering! I've never experi...

December 18, 2016

It's been 8 weeks since I delved back into A Course In Miracles. Through the years I was always hearing from the people I enjoy learning from speak about what A Course In Miracles taught them. (Now, I say taught but the real meaning is a reawakening.) On the bottom of the cover is written: A Foundation For Inner Peace. Every person has explained through references of the book, that if people would apply the teachings from the book into their personal lives, there would without a doubt be more peace in the world.

It seems now that humanity, in our false perception of it, is a far cry away from world peace. Humanity is upset by the horrors, and angry at the division. Separation is what created this whole mess in the first place, & we are angry at the constant division! But it is precisely why we need to cultivate & uncover it by l...

November 10, 2016

Yesterday marked a very important time for the U.S. We have all felt confused, upset, unsure of who to choose given the chances we were given. I tune into Abraham Hicks very, very often. When I am given the opportunity to access Infinite Intelligence in any state I am feeling, I make a conscious effort to do so. If anyone reading this has not yet experienced the teachings of Abraham, I HIGHLY recommend you acquaint yourself. They had a recent talk about the 2016 election, and they said they feel this is by far the BEST presidential election in US history!! Now.. before your emotions fly off the handle with that one.. let's just examine why that can possibly be true. 

Listening to Abraham I will let you know first hand, the more you learn (uncover what your soul already knows) the harder it becomes to accept mainstream societal beliefs...

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