What does it mean to be self-aware? What does it mean to be Conscious of every thought and emotion? There is a universe solely within your body and you already have the answers. Understand You are a Master of Creation, Never Forget That!


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Being a Spiritual Being in a Physical World

What does it mean to be Self aware? What does it mean to be conscious of your every thought and emotions? We are now discovering that the world is not as we thought. It is vast beyond belief, from the Micros to the Macros. It truly is infinite. We are not simple beings or incapable. This is not the human race at all. We are masters of creation and literally create our own universe by what we think and feel. We are living in an incredible time of humanities existence where the gap between science and religion is no longer a gap, but a union. Developing the technology to prove it, in fact. The idea is to understand more of the world inside you, and how it has a direct effect on EVERYTHING external. The human complex is infinite from the physical to the Ether. It is as far as we want to take it. Both ways go on forever. As we know our world is made up of atoms and inside those atoms, the very existence of the atom, is nothing. It is a spark of divine intelligence. Everything is comprised of billions to trillions of atoms operating at their own vibrational frequency. When we accept ourselves as part of the whole we learn to manipulate our energetic vibrations to exist in sync with Divine Cosmic Order. 

Are we Parents or are we Individuals with kids

Today is a big challenge to raise a child when there are so many ideas telling us how we should do it. There is so much pressure on us and we have to do all jobs. There use to be a thing called the village, and it takes one to raise a child. The stressors on parents is awful and to be honest the word parent itself is a lot of pressure. It strips you from your individual self and builds up a false idea of, "the kids come first." This is not the smartest idea but it is a way to trap people in a repetitive thought of, them, them them. When it should be me, me me. If we don't take care ofourselves as an individual then we can not show the child the same truth. We have build habits that our family practices everyday to help us interact emotional and openly with our children. This not only is a action of self responsibility, but openness and trust. We understand our children have e,motions just as we do. Its im[ortant that we and our children have the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings. We also need to pratice this as a couple to ensure that we are vulnerable with each other so that we mind any unwelcomed thought. Patients is always the key. To attain this we need to see our children as reflecions of ourselves. Its alwys us and not the child. Our goal is to help others be a better them so that they can reflect that to each child.

We met one another while both attending The Swedish Institute to become Licensed Massage Therapists over 5 years ago. Through our discovering the workings of human anatomy we became further fascinated & deeply intrigued by the force that powers our magnificent bodies. All the ideas we have to share are lessons & parts of our personal journey in reawakening our inner truth. We desire to assist others in reawakening their truth through being the change we wish to behold in this world.

It comes as no surprise that we live in a fast paced environment & we are consistently bombarded with false ideas & misguided truths. Science has now begun to recognize the sacred truths in past knowledge as something more intelligent than was once perceived. Our mission is to spread the truth of the I Am within all of us.

Call it Om or God, The law of physics, Source, or Bob, it really doesn't matter. Our lesson on Earth is to learn how to manipulate energy through self- correctionThe intent of our incarnation is to seek and find, ask and receive, knock & it shall be opened to you. These are truths inherent within the depths of our atoms & it is our pleasure to spread these magnificent lessons of creation. 

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