3 Steps to awakening your greatness!!

“Investigate what thrills and excites you.”

-Mama Gena


Greetings! I have been feeling something incredible lately! A shift into being, for the most part, predominantly happy in and with my life! I'm experiencing a shift in FEELING that is manifesting outward into my physical experience. There have been so many teachers that I am forever grateful for that have come to me in consistently various different times throughout my life. They have all helped guide me to who and where I am now by having the courage to believe in their message and spread it the world.

One of them being Regina Thomashauer A.K.A. Mama Gena. Her life mission is to elevate ALL the women on this beautiful planet into awakening to their true nature, the source of who we really are, The Divine Goddess. She firmly believes with every essence of her being that Women are THE GREATEST untapped natural resource on this planet! From attending her workshop in January and finishing her book
Pussy: A Reclamation (affiliate link) I’ve learned 3 steps that by practicing and engaging in everyday have been such a consistent way to hold myself accountable for creating my own happiness & pleasure in my life. 

I hope you enjoy them. If you give yourself the chance to really practice everyday, (it's such a small part of my morning time-wise but it reaps HUGE benefits in my overall day/days/weeks/months etc…) I can guarantee this will elevate you into a higher state of conscious living by becoming aware in a fun way of how you create your life. Because everything that is in our lives now is a product of our previous thoughts and feelings. Absolutely No Exceptions. 

Dig in, invest in yourself, believe in yourself, have courage and faith in yourself. And when someone tells you how fucking amazing you are, believe them, trust in that truth even if you don't quite yet believe it. It is there, within you, I promise.



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What does it mean to be self-aware? What does it mean to be conscious of every thought and emotion? There is a universe within your body and you already have the answers. Understand, you are a master of creation. Never forget that!


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