What does it mean to be self-aware? What does it mean to be conscious of every thought and emotion? There is a universe within your body and you already have the answers. Understand, you are a master of creation. Never forget that!


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Close your eyes to see.

March 23, 2017


"It is only through clearing the fog of illusions that surround us

& switching our focus inward into our hearts,

that we really begin to see"

-Stephanie Bellocchio



There's a natural order of things in the universe. Infinite possibilities, constant expansion and contraction, contrast and clarity, an Ebb & flow of all that ever has and ever will exist. There's an Ebb & Flow of expression & receiving, and moments of letting go & surrendering and often pain when we go through the letting go process. We surrender & choose to grow and learn from another of our many life experiences. When we keep letting go and surrendering to the resistance and our often mostly self inflicting pains we get lighter and lighter reaching towards the sky like flowers, plants, and the branches on the trees all while becoming deeply rooted into the earth in conscious knowing that we really are in control.  


We begin to cross a line so to speak into a higher vibratory state of existence of being that adapts naturally to the Ebb & Flow of life and we begin to notice in our experiences different ways in which we consciously begin to choose how we respond or not respond to people, things, and circumstances that used to bother the shit out of us yet no longer seem to. 


In my experience the best way I have found to access this state of clarity, conscious co-creating and a softness of ego reacting in my conscious state, is meditation. 15 minutes a day (I love the morning as close upon waking as I can) of consciously allowing myself to breathe, let go and surrender into faith. My inner being is revealed and accessed. What this does is creates a space of deep connection to the majority of who we really are, which is nonphysical! If the majority of what creates and is life is nonphysical then shouldn't we be developing and cultivating our faith rather than our fears? Because both require us to believe in something we cannot see. This calmness and clarity is ALWAYS available to us we just need to stop allowing fear to control our reactions, to stop resisting and controlling & switch our focus into allowing. Allowing ourselves to be with our emotions and thoughts, and to truly care about how we feel. Because when we make it a point, the main priority in our life to feel & allow joy and pleasure into our lives, that's when the magic happens!


"By releasing resistance a little more everyday, 

you will feel the power that creates worlds flowing through you...

just breathing and listening, not to make something happen, 

but for the pleasure and comfort of alignment."

-Abraham Hicks


In honoring myself, I honor you. 

Take good care of yourself.

Thank you for holding this space together with me. 














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