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Looking a Little Deeper

The Changing Landscape of Mental Health in the Entertainment Industry

You have to be able to look at yourself. - 6lack

normalizing the conversation

In 2021 Grammy Award-nominated music artist 6lack announced a collaboration with MAHLA and Better Help to address the need for mental health resources for the Black community. Prior to that he and therapist Syreeta Butler were on Talks at Google. That discussion highlighted 6lack's impetus to change his mindset, the right support systems, and how necessary it is to keep opening doors to conversations about the benefits of seeking help.

The work involved with tending to a person's mental health is about longevity. It's not about getting it 'right' but about learning what is best for the individual's life, moment to moment. "Grace is sustainability," says Syreeta Butler, marriage and family therapist. Butler is involved in ground-breaking work with LVRN (Love Renaissance, 6lacks record label) and Just B Consulting group on the first mental health and wellness department at a record label. The mission is for the cohorts to be the central nervous system of the entertainment industry by legislatively prioritizing mental health. This means that entertainment companies would be mandated to have in-house mental health professionals available to artists and staff.

Grace allows you to continue to be able to move and grow. - Syreeta Butler

More Safe Spaces

Being open about mental health needs has been challenging in BIPOC communities. Additionally, women are leading the way in building supportive communities. As 6lack mentioned in the interview, there is a need and room for men to have more visibility in this arena. We couldn't agree more.

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