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Don't stop there... Dive deeper and learn how to become aware of your emotions and develop Emotional Intelligence. 

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When we have the knowledge of the Human Anatomy we have the ability to release stress, heal areas of discomfort or disease, and reprogram neurological patterns that create negative habits in our lives.

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Designing Disposition 

8 Part Self-study course

Quantum Healing from Physical to the Energetic Body

Deepening the Relationship with Yourself

Mastering yourself is one of the most challenging things any human can do. Facing ourselves can be not only terrifying but also at times an arduous experience. The tremendous upside is feeling good inside, not having sabotaging thoughts and gaining confidence in yourself by cultivating a deep secure inner foundation to operate from.


"CrashBell has helped me recognize that the emotional and external attachments can create stagnation in the body. Through meditation and visualization techniques we can all heal ourselves. Thanks for your guidance and support as I evolve my spiritual practice."


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what you will get out of this course

  • Learn how to manage and understand your thoughts

  • Building a deeper and stronger foundation for yourself
  • Understanding the Quantum Mechanics of your Atoms
  • Learning about your Human Anatomy and how to control your reactions
  • Address deep-rooted trauma 
  • Access fears attached to the negative patterns
  • Develop Inner and Outer Awareness
  • Gain Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand how to reprogram your triggers and habits

Designing Disposition 

Course Structure and details

Part 1 

Examine Your Thoughts (Focus)


Understanding the many ways our thoughts and patterns spark in our mind is a way to seek how we are feeling and why.

Part 2

Ask Why?

When we question any idea and why it is or is not. We find ourselves closer to the reason we are seeking. Asking why is the most important thing we can ask. Honesty is key.

Part 3

Positive Thoughts and Momentum 


Your thoughts do not create your life, but they do create patterns of a type of momentum. It is important we are aware of them and how they make us feel. 

Part 4

Utilizing the Atoms Within & Around You


When we understand how the atoms work, we have the potential to change the atoms within and around us!




Part 5

A Look Inside You


This section educates on how your body works and what you truly are. We are multi-dimensional being.




Part 6

Gratitude and Acceptance


Gratitude and Acceptance is one of the most foundational expression one can allow themselves to experience. 

Part 7

The Inner Child

Learning the depth of your inner child and healing from the point where it all began. 


Part 8

Holistic View 


Understanding your body wholly and as one idea. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Special Offer!

  • 8 Part Self Study Course

  • Exercises to help guide you and give a deeper understanding of each part

  • 6 guided meditations focusing on organs and areas of the body

  • Downloadable material and audio for on the go learning

  • Transcripts of all your healing sessions so you can read and use different aspects of what you're learning to deeply assimilate your transformation

  • Track your progress online

  • Q & A via email and direct correspondence with CrashBell

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