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How deep seeds grow

How Deep The Seed Goes by: Omar Davis

How deep does emotion grow within each person? This is endless and Doctors or mainstream Scientist have no clue on how far inward the soul travels. We are as far expanding as we are deep within. One person can love a spider and another be deathly afraid. Its not the spider that makes them feel this way. So why does one choose to fear? This is usually stemmed from an instance where they were hurt or uneasy, maybe even startled. This can be anything really. Its all on how they person perceives it. Everything created is a replica of steps Source took to become self aware. Its life all around that takes this form, because Source is this form. To understand lets look at a tree. When we look at a tree we notice how tall and wide the tree is. Most don't think or have the perception to see how deep the roots go. Its always face value when it comes to the physical. Our society has taught us seeing is believing. Unfortunately this makes us blind to things unseen. The tree's roots are not seen but they go as deep as the tree is high. The roots are definitely as intricate as the branches are. If this is the case then, are all things in life this way? In my studies and understandings I have come to find they are. Super exciting!

We can agree that the world as we know it is made of atoms which are not seen by the naked eye. This is another testament to the idea of things unseen, does not mean they are not there. Our emotions are the same as roots to our physical body. We see the body, but how deep do our emotions go within our Psyche and physical body. It is its own universe so that could be very deep. Each moment is recorded into our subconscious mind and this will determines how we respond based on the pain or joy we had from an instance. Yes, that is a mouthful, but it is accurate. This is where the Conscious mind tends to take over. The ego most times is running the conscious mind which is misguided consciousness.

Recently I have been diving into my ego and these wonderful insecurities of mine. Just questioning why they are there and how did they start in the first place. It's like an onion, the more you peel away the surface the more you expose. The further I questioned all those nagging insecurities the worse the ideas came. I chose to love them and let them go. They were not even real. It was and uneasy, but very well worth it. For me it stemmed from my father abandoning my sister and I. This made me defensive and made it very hard for me to trust anyone. I walked around with an unknown chip on my shoulder. I choose to really figure out what I was dealing with around the age of 30. I figured out what kept me stagnate and was not aware of. I was driven by my ego and had allowed certain issue to develop into a mess of a situation. I was not being honest with myself and had to stop the nonsense.

I began by meditating every morning and looking inside to see what my outer perception had made up. I would sit and envision the inner presents of my body as if looking at an ocean full of stars. I came to a point where I was suddenly starring at this small little boy. Dressed in all white and knees balled up to his chest. His head was down balled in tight holding himself. I walked over to him and realized once he looked up, it was me. I was about the age of 4 or 5, tears in my eyes and now looking up at older me. The moment was intense, because i had no idea this sad little boy was still resting within me. I felt all those emotions of being a lost little boy with no father all over again. Longing for the reason he wasn't here with me. I was amazed at the depths of this pain. As far as the boy goes the man resides.

We must all face this part of ourselves. The roots go deep and they are treacherous. You will need all the help you can get. Call on everyone and everything that resided in truth. The source within you is your ultimate guide. Use it or else the ego will have its way with you. Don't be fooled, always check every thought and action. Be honest and selfless. We all have lessons to learn that stem from childhood trauma or another life (yeah lets talk later about this one). Its the reason you are who you are today. Its like the image above. The source is the center and your tree is expanding in both directions. What we see is the tough outer form but our nourishment comes from our emotions which are the roots. Soft and delicate, but takes in the force of life to give us perception. We must water these roots with love, belief and honesty. This will not always be happy, but it will free you. I urge all of you to remember... honesty with the self is the true way to freedom. Mental and emotional.

With love,


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