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S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Breathe into your belly to slow your heart rhythm.

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You Matter... That is a fact!


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Whether you're an Individual, Small Business, Corporation, or a School. Productivity starts with the awareness of our mindset.

- We Are Here for You -

Corporate Wellness

The ETC Project - Every Thought Counts

- Wellness Programs include -

The Every Thought Counts Project is a professional development course that assists people in becoming aware of the thoughts that are driving their actions.  Our focus is key when it comes to productivity and creativity. 

ETC Project

Meditation assists to provide collective ease and a great way to reset the activity in the mind. We assist by instructing on how taking just 5 minutes or less can change the course of your entire day. Providing you with a deeper connection to your Self. 

Group Meditations

Chair Massage helps us to relax, stimulate blood flow, and activate the immune system. It also assists with removing any negative toxins which in turn produces a healthy mind.

Office Massage

Our workshops are lead by one of our Therapists and/or Mindfulness Coaches. Employees will learn to mindfully approach stress management skills through body, mind, and spirit comprehension. Incorporating office mobility, meditation, and a discussion on tools to stay balanced.

Leadership & Group Workshops

Yoga has been proven to support body awareness and release stress. We now know that stretching and exercise keep the mind sharp and the body young. An active body is an active mind. This is why we must connect with our body.



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