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Mindful ED

Our Mission


Mindful ED was created to bring emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning (S.E.L.) into our education system. We are passionate about human anatomy giving the tools to attune the body by showing how the systems work. 

- Empowered Seeds and Youth Programs include -

Curriculum and Workshops

This anatomy course teaches kids to know more about how their body works. We will empower kids to understand how emotions have a deep or subtle impact on certain organs and areas of the body. We focus on the three brains in the body to bring awareness to our mental, emotional and physical states. These tools empower students with emotional intelligence and to focus their intention in multiple areas of their lives. Combining, active movements, yoga, and meditations guide students to be more self-aware.  While developing social-emotional learning through class culture and peer engagement. 

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This is an Active Anatomy portion that shows the importance of physical activity. It is one of the main things that helps to keep us healthy and keeps our blood flowing freely. It is very important for every human to get the exercise they need to keep their energy flowing. 

Kids in Motion

The 3 Brains

​Today medicine and science have discovered that the human body has 3 brains that help us to function and make decisions. Each “brain” has a very important role aiding in the health and intelligence of each person. 


This is where the fun starts according to kids! We incorporate movement and exciting energy to get the body going. We will educate on the importance of movement and cognitive actions. This is also a major component to bridge the mental and emotional gaps. Stretching and moving helps to push blood through the body recycling the negative toxins for a better physical experience. 


We use meditation to feel what is going on inside of the bodies. Lots of times people focus on certain ideas to allow them to meditate. We are solely focusing on understanding how each part of our body has awareness, which will allow them to feel inside of their body in any given situation.

- Social-Emotional Learning -

Social-Emotional Learning stimulates multiple parts of the brain and body. Using the chemicals (emotions) as an intelligence system to help guide us. Specific chemicals are released when we learn the skills of Self Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision Making, and Social Awareness. When we learn self-compassion and self-respect, we thrive in our emotional intelligence and social responsibility. This will help to support our children's growth intellectually, as well as in their relationships and interactions with others. 

We pair this course with a Professional Development Workshop educating on emotional awareness and empathy to the teachers and staff.  

- Indigo Rise Anatomy Curriculum -

Our Curriculum is a full comprehensive study of the human body (pre-med). The purpose is to show kids what they are as an organism and the chemical reactions that happen within. This education helps students comprehend the nature of their inner perspective and reaction to any circumstance. We couple this with meditations that focuses on each area of study to feel and sense these different bodies. Our students have been able to develop emotional intelligence from learning more about their systems and how they work.

Content is in development and  being beta tested

Empowered Seeds Virtual Mindful Movement
What is Stress 3-5th
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What is Stress 3-5th

What is Stress k-2nd
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What is Stress k-2nd

Empowered Seeds (k-2nd)
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Empowered Seeds (k-2nd)

Empowered Seeds (3rd-5th)
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Empowered Seeds (3rd-5th)

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