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The other day I found myself unable to turn away from a video of a mother and her 2 year old son covered in ash, dust, and blood after being bombed while sleeping in their beds in Syria. The 2 year old boy wasn't even crying, he just sat in shock engaging his hands together as what I believe to be his mother, wept in agony besides him as all her other children were lost in the disaster. I was at work and had a break, and seconds after I watched the video one of my amazing coworkers came and sat next to me and shared a video of a 7 year old girl getting pampered at a spa with such joy in her face, and light in her eyes... and I lost it. I completely broke down as my coworker held me to her chest. I felt helpless as I watched this video. I wanted to take those children and hold them the way my coworker held me, and tell them that everything is going to be ok. That even as bad as it feels...somehow with all this happening in the grander scheme of it all they are the warriors who chose this path to help the rest of humanity awaken to the light.

I normally don't engage myself in videos like that, I stay away from the news as much as I can. It's not because I don't care about what is going on though. But rather it's because I do care, that I don't. I understand that by participating with the rest of the world by focusing on all the fear mechanisms that are portrayed to us constantly, only gives rise to more of it. Abraham Hicks has taught me that we cannot make any real positive change as long as we are focused upon the things we don't want happening. Rather the focus upon it, even if it is something we don't want only perpetuates it, gives rise to, and strengthens the fear vibration and attracts more experiences like it to manifest.

So with the help of my coworkers strength, love and support, I picked myself up... dried my eyes and tried my best to mend the hurt I felt in my heart by going within.

According to a startling report from The Institute of Economics and Peace a mere 10 nations on our planet are not at war, and completely free of conflict. This world is operating on old systems. Systems of control, dominance, and exclusion. It is no surprise though that human beings are waking up. The truth will always find it's way to the surface. That is what we are seeing on our planet. A complete breakdown of the old dark ways, into a higher vibrational state of peace and joy. We cannot have darkness in the presence of light. The earth is shifting and we are shifting along with her. Resist we can but it is inevitable, for ALL paths eventually lead to the light.

Majority of our fellow humans are still sleeping and it's a really shitty thing that things have to get really bad for people to awaken and realize something needs to change.. unless it affects them personally they see no need to protect and nurture our fellow human beings, even when we are more than capable of doing so. They are blinded by ignorance, controlled by their ego and operate solely from their small self. But it is the bigger Self that needs to be acknowledged and strengthened. For in this Self that is the core of who you are, is where the answers lie, and we need to shed the small self by cutting off it's supply of the very things that sustain it, the very things the so called "people in charge" are feeding us.. ignorance, hatred, aggression, poverty, insecurity, jealousy, guilt, blame, shame, ridicule, etc.

We've all heard the saying that we are all just drops in the vast ocean, that we are not separate from one another. Yet you are probably wondering just how to honor this and live from it when we are still living in a world that honors, fuels and feeds off the separation that divides all of us.

We need to stop feeling helpless. A simple choice to be WILLING to acknowledge that YOU ARE POWERFUL is enough to break the repetitive cycle we keep creating for ourselves and our planet. Here is something we can do anytime anywhere to develop and strengthen a deep connection to who we truly are. A simple way to shift from a low vibration feeling so as not to project and increase the fuel to any unwanted situations. A breathing exercise that was created to awaken the connection of our individual self to the whole of humanity. It is as follows, and it's very simple:

Breathe in through your nose for about 2-4 seconds (whatever is comfortable for you) Once your lungs are filled pause and hold your breath for the same amount of time you breathed in. While you're in the pause holding your breath feel it like a suspension of time, and fill that space with the feeling of I AM.

After you hold the breath in your lungs, and anchor it with the I AM feeling, you exhale through your mouth, again for the same period of time, and then pause again with your lungs empty, as you pause you hold the feeling WE ARE. Repeat this cycle until you feel you are done.

If anyone is wondering what The I AM feeling is this is the best definition:

(For whoever feels called to delve into this deeper, this definition & breathing exercise is from The Neruda Interviews.)

"It's the sovereign aspect of consciousness. It's not the personality that defines your human experience, or you typically associate with as yourself. It is the infinite consciousness of you. It is also one. I is one. It is one thing: Infinite Life. It is not the mind, nor the heart, nor the body, nor the feelings and emotions of the personality. It is singular in it's depth and silence."

This is the sense of connection to all. The sense that you are connected and that the I AM feeling you held a moment ago, is being shared with all.

(My previous blog post Titled A Course In Miracles explains a bit of the new science of just how this feeling energetically resonates outward from us into the world around us.)

As we approach this new year of 2017 it is crucial for us to recognize our power as creators on this earth. Do so not in the ways that have been done before, because CLEARLY they aren't working. Go within and discover YOUR power to heal and change the world by awakening the real you.

Thank you for being here and allowing us to hold this space together.


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