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Masculine to Feminine

  When it comes to balance we tend to lean more to one side due to the process of our up bringing or the ideas we focus on. Now what is balance and which way are you leaning? To understand we must first bring into our consciousness that we are both masculine and feminine energies. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Its all about the energies that play on a level duality and the confines of this reality. We as a species have been living in a male dominated society for thousands of years and it has played a huge role on how we see the world and even react to it. We tend to solidify these roles based on our ill guided perception of what it truly means to be aware. To understand how they work within each human and how to cultivate both sides of the yin and yang. The image alone speaks volumes, but we miss it. It shows that we can't just be all black we have to have a little white in us and vise versa. Now this pertains to the dual energies within the human psyche. As we know the brain left side is masculine and the right feminine. They each have a role that give us the ability to express ourselves. I am not going to get to far into the roles, but I want to discuss how I have been utilizing these energies and how everything about me has changed. 

 This is a super touchy topic but to be quite honest. Most men are so far out of balance that we project into the world and now the feminine quality is also out of whack. This is a topic that I find myself speaking on a lot. I have been allowing my feminine to be more dominant as a male and it has been a very interesting ride. It started with me needed to release a lot of untapped emotions that laid dormant from childhood. Men have been taught that we "don't" have emotions or its "weakness" to express them. This has now radiated into our world. It showed me that we have been so locked up as males suppressing the feminine in ourselves, so naturally we suppress the female in our world. Which means now women are also imbalanced. From this perception I not only see the world differently, but I also express myself in ways that before I could not before. This is because it played heavy on my psychological expression. Now I can admire beauty in all things. Men and women. Flowers or weeds. My energy is a lot softer from my normal alpha male energy that popped up when I felt a threat in other men. The main idea is that it release psychological patterns that have been forged as true in our world. The strongest survive and protect your territory. Its freeing up parts of my heart and mind that would spiral into so many insecurities. Solely because I was denying a part of myself. 

 How did I do this? Well, first I asked and then accepted there were feelings I had that I was not acknowledging. Then I asked my higher self to show me how to be more feminine. Yep its that easy. The after math of this was a challenge. I experienced some of my deepest fears and had to accept that they were all an illusion that was imprinted from childhood. My so familiar feeling of abandonment spun into a host of ideas. Once I accepted my truth that I am more than masculine. I noticed the men I normally had issues with had a lot in common with me. I actually admired them after I recognized the energy behind it. It also helped me to be more expressive in my sexuality and learn more about my self expression. It was so powerful. I can not tell you how to understand your truth. I can only say there is so much more to you than you know. Ask the Source to assist and you will be guided ever so gently. This does not mean it will be easy. Surrender is painful, but so worth the freedom one feels within their person. Don't try and think it through but feel it inside you body. It will be worth it in the end. We will touch more on this in future post, because itbis so broad. For now just take small steps to find more of yourself that has been locked away. 

Thanks for your eyes,



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