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Never Deny Your Feelings

Would you say that you are aware of your feelings? Do you take the time to assess how you are feeling inside and within your emotional state? Are you happy? Are you frustrated? Are you sad and lonely? It could be that you are just numb or empty? Do you have a burst of excitement and peace? Is it maintained as much as the frustration and negative feelings?

It is very misunderstood how we work and what we are told about our body. In my practice, I have seen the effects of emotions being the first cause of the pain and discomfort. So, our goal would be to go back to the memory and let it go. As would the area of discomfort or unbalanced energy. It was true that I was able to find this in myself and also in my clients. It helped me to understand that we could be approaching this in a way that is not optimal for healing the entire body (physical, emotional, and spiritual).

Day to day we have to find that one idea that is going to help us feel better. More importantly, we must be aware of our triggers that make us feel uneasy or bad. This idea is a challenge because it brings up a lot of uneasy issues you may not want to face. I am sorry to say, it is a must. You can not grow and feel different about something unless you face the issue head-on and walk through the fire. Yes, it will burn, but only the pain that will fade away once you make it through. The reason we must never deny our feelings is that it's more complex than we have been shown.

I will give you a rundown of how the emotional response is solely responsible for your health or energy body. First let us speak about hormones and how they make you feel.

There are many like:

  • Oxytocin

  • Dopamine

  • Cortisol

  • Serotonin

  • Adrenaline and much more.

They have an effect on how you feel. Which shows, everything you feel is a tiny little molecule that connects in a chain to give you an experience. So a reaction to any idea will have a biochemical response in your body. Facts.

Now, let's move into what happens when you have a consistent feeling of negative or positive feelings. When a negative emotion is triggered the hormone then races to areas of your body that holds on to the emotion and feeling. The chemicals just pile up over time and the organ is not capable of functioning properly due to overstimulation and over capacity. Each hormone has a chain of events they trigger and damage the cellular activity of the organ or structure. This then turns into dis-ease. At first, to give you a heads up, the body triggers pain to let you know something is wrong. Unfortunately, the concepts become too terrifying to address, so they go avoided. This is where the cycle happens. We will then keep attracting the same type of negative experience that is supposed to be learned from and let go of. "Why does this happen to me?", type of situation. When understood, the biochemistry will also break away. The trick is, they have to be done at the same time. Otherwise, it becomes a cycle of the mental and physical loop of pain. In any case, the stress becomes too much, then the body reacts, so you try to fix the body. When you do, it releases those hormones that were being so tightly held on to and triggers thoughts and emotions. So now we are back to the beginning. Battling the torment of your thoughts and feeling. Being mindful of the trigger and where you feel it in your body is very important. The most in fact. Locating where you hold that idea/energy and letting it go from the area will set you free. This means you also have to let go of why something triggers you. Yep, forgiveness, its a must. Again, it will set you free.

The "why" is one of the toughest parts. When you face the "why" of any situation you have to look at it from a higher perspective other than the victim. You have to see it from the lesson and patterns. Where does it link back to and do you want it to keep occurring? There was a moment where you built up walls about something that made you feel uneasy. Those processes are still in the body and manifest in the multiverse that you are. It affects your physical, emotional, mental, chakra, electrical, organelle, chromosome, DNA, and atomic. It is all stimulated by the feeling or vibrations that is consistent, good or bad. So to understand it from a full perspective of what you truly are, builds the belief that you can change your inner world effecting how you feel overall.

What I do to notice my feelings:

  • Be aware of the areas in your body that are uncomfortable.

  • Remain focused on small things that trigger negative conversations you have with yourself.

  • Ask if the conversation makes you feel good.

  • Notice any responses or behavior that affect you negatively.

  • Notice any body reactions that you may have. (twitches, stomach movement, electrical stimulation, slight or heavy feelings of pain)

  • Ask the area of your body that is uneasy to show you what is making it feel uncomfortable? (It may be a memory or emotion that will be noticeably relevant)

  • Listen to yourself and trust.

  • Don't be afraid to address it. Have the courage to stand up to your fears.

I have understood some key details to heal the body. It all starts with your inner focus and how you allow yourself to feel. There are many other factors that play a role, but those will become apparent when the time is right for you to know. If you have questions, feel free to send us an email. I urge all of you to take care of yourself. Give your time to you and not just to your title or position. Remember, you matter and so does how you feel.

Thanks for your eyes,

Omar Davis

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