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The Grand Illusion

It has been understood that all things are made up of matter. Have you heard of this? Most of us call it physics and it shows that we are nothing but a host of atoms that are configured into a pattern based on their energy output. hmmm... Well, lets see what this really means.

In our science, we have determined that the above statement is absolutely true. We are solely just a force of energy that is connected by electrical and magnetic bonds. This is all things in our known universe. So, when it comes to seeing the body and organism, why is it that we are not focusing on the energy that is emulating the physical structure? If we can comprehend the vastness of life that is within us, we would be capable of so much more. Things would be more fun for one. Life on earth is pretty sweet when you see what is happening beneath the surface and how many bodies we have within one organism. It's truly fascinating. I hope to give you a different viewpoint on the matter by showing you parts of your body that you may not be aware of. This is an idea that should be known commonly and socially. If so, it would change the perception of our world and abilities to live the lives we desired.

The Cellular Body

I want to bring awareness of the cellular body and how it is in operation to build a physical structure. It is not solid, not one bit and is in the phase of constant death and rebirth (The resurrection). It is a memory system that records and passes on its information to the next cell it has created. Tiny computers made of amino acids. "So if we change the memory of the cell, then we can technically change the function of the cell." There are various types of cell structures and each has a special job to create a specific organ. We have many life forms or organelles within the cell that helps it to function. So a life within a life. Each cell is conscious as you are and are living a life guided by the vibration or energy which is given. This is whole body and mind connections. So, it's important to understand that how we feel about ourselves is reflecting to our cells and they will respond accordingly. This also pertains to past events that have been recorded and made a belief system. This does not mean that things are finite, it just means you have made it so. Remember we are all just vibrating and in constant motion.

"Once I erased a scar on my leg by meditating to the area and allowing myself to forget the pain and trauma from the scar. I remembered the event very clearly. Once I let it go the skin grew back soft and back to its original pigment."

Omar Davis

The Chromosomes

Inside of the nucleus of the cells are chromosomes and again many other organelles. They are responsible for the life function of the cell as we described before. So the cell has a small component that helps it to have life and function. Chromosomes are giving instruction to the cells function. Like a code or program on how to build organic protein. The color of your eyes and the size of your bones are all coded into the chromosome. This is just basic stuff keep in mind.

At the ends of each chromosome is a plastic-like caps that are called telomeres. They are to help keep the structure tight and together. The telomeres are made up of telomerase and react to negative or positive vibrations/hormones. The more stress you have causes damage to the telomerase, which unravels the telomeres. This inhibits the body to remain young and keep optimal health. One component it is affected by is stress. I must point out that the vibration of stress is also a state of a type of awareness, which is on a low frequency. Lots of people argue that stress is good. This is wrong, stress is a system that alerts us when we are in danger. Once the danger is over we should reset. Be like the gazelle, when the lion attacks, they run. When it is over, they go back to eating grass, they don't sit around talking about how the lion attacked just now. They move on and the stress response is over. Now back to Dopamine (Love Drug).

We will show you how the deeper we go into the human organism, the more empty and infinite we become. This shows that we are as deep within as we can see outward.

The DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)

This is also the stuff you are made of. We are many things. DNA is made up of molecules called nucleotides that are codes for how you will be arranged as a life force. It will determine the type of being you are also. All life on earth has the same code, (Except the Octopus- fun fact) we differentiate just by slight changes in the codex. This is a factor of you being human or a fish. It is all tightly wound up to be the chromosomes.

Do you see where we are going with this?

Our DNA is much more than science is able to understand as of now. It contains the entire book of all of our lives and each idea we have come to learn here on earth. It is quantum and allows you to be in multiple dimensions at once. It is also one organism and not a bunch of little things. It is a written language of biochemical life. The Nucleotides that make it up are made up of a phosphate group, sugar group, and nitrogen base. The four types of nitrogen bases are Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Guanine (G) and Cytosine (C). They group together in a sequence Adenine always pairing with Thymine, and Guanine with Cytosine. The bonds are very complex and allow for us to have the perception that we are a physical organism. What we will speak about next is what builds this complex molecule, Atoms.


Our atoms are the things that show us that, this is all a Grand Illusion. The deeper we go, we find an infinite space. Atoms are arranged in a coded sequence to make a more complex structure. These are aligned in our body as a pattern.

Our atoms are in a consistent state of motion. We are never still and move into multiple dimensions all at once. Each is energy that is held together by is own electrical bond and its relations to another atom. They are also quantum and inside of their nucleus are particles that are solely potential energy. This proves that we are full of space and constantly in motion. If you were the nucleus of an atom, then your electrons around you would stretch as far as Manhattan is to middle Connecticut. When an atom changes its state it either vibrates higher or lower (fast or slow). This determines the output and its function as it gains more or fewer electrons and protons. So we are completely full of space and at the core of our being, we are only potential energy. What a grand Illusion!

Our aah haa moment...

Now, what does it mean for everyday life and how does it effects your emotions and body. Well, it is the energy that is put into it. This is physiological, psychological and emotional. The things you face are perceptions that are coded into your DNA. This will give you certain circumstances to understand more about yourself and the expansion of your consciousness. This is hard to accept when some of that stuff is shitty and makes you feel awful. Or why would you ever choose to experience that? These questions are not to be rationalized, but to be examined and questioned. Ask,"Why did this happen and what am I supposed to learn from it?" That is where the lesson is. Understand that any negative feeling towards any situations whether good or bad is only creating a biochemical reaction in your body, this could build up to be pain or a dis-ease. It also conjured a host of atoms to manifest a physical belief or idea/circumstance. It is important that we see the body from this perspective. This is why some people cant get rid of a pain in their shoulder. I assist my clients to understand that it is emotional and we have done everything, but it keeps coming back.

Meditate on this and see if you can start to feel and become aware of different parts of your body. You are not solid and do not believe that you are completely physical. You are not! We are a multiverse of a being and live in many dimensions and perceptions. The vibration you put out will determine the reality you see.

Always remember that!

With love and blessings,

Omar Davis

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