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Spirit Talk

What is an element? What is a particle? What gives it spark and animation? How does it work and what does this understanding bring? Maybe a deeper connection with our inner selves? Possibly connections with our cells to reorganize any low vibration or illness? Possibly change the dynamic of what we know as reality? Maybe it will bring a firm belief that you can attract anything that you desire to you? What are we exactly?

The point being is that we are maybe misinformed as to what spirit is or the ideas we've built around the word. The elements of creation are air, fire, water, and earth. Combined they form, captain planet. No, I am joking, they form the quintessence or the fifth element is known as ether. This is the point in which physical matter is concentrated. based on the energy of the elements to give the spirit an action on what to create.

For a lot of us, we forget how intricately connected we are to spirit. We skew the viewpoint of spirit and make it about good times or super positive moments. Then we make negative or bad experiences about the darkness and hell. The unspoken truth is that its all spirit and it's all as it should be. There is no negative or positive. Its just potential energy living out the command of its creator. This does mean you have to take firm responsibility for anything that has ever happened to you in this life or previous. You must address the true power inside of you and how you are the creator of your reality. It's called the road less taken for a reason. It is a road where all of what you know must break apart. Your ego must die because it is not real. As of now, we are all looking at the world in our idea of spirituality from the ego's perspective. It is just trying to understand and make sense of what has been given as real. Once we see the universe from the tiniest spark, we will then see it as one truth, which is "all things are one." Just as the heart is in your chest. You are it and it is you. As is the cell in your muscles, you are it and it is you. When you see the shape of your hand, you see it as you and recognize it as you. Just as we are in the One, there is no separation. We are it and it is us. In every part outside our body, to every part inside of our body. There really is no word that could define what Oneness is. I am not sure if we will ever know what we are truly apart of until we go back to the first point of consciousness. But this is not our concern right now. Right now we are needing to create our own foundation of truth and find what it is that we came here to create and learn. It is NOT just random or an insignificant moment in time. We have many purposes. Aside from the complete brainwashing that we have been put through, we have been taught to sustain a strict focus on negative responses. Which makes it a challenge to remain inside positive ones. When it comes to beliefs we have been poisoned to look through the lens of our ancestors who had it pretty rough. So we built an entire world from fear and false systems of truth.

We don't teach our children about any of the components of the body and the abilities we truly have as electro-bio-magnetic beings. They need to know how their heart works, what a chakra is and how the thymus works in relation to the heart. Not to mention that the heart has its own brain. (We speak on this a lot) If we focused on the truths of what the so-called spirit is really doing, we would be able to manifest material matter out of intentions. They spoke about it in the scripts that everyone reads. They limit us by focusing on the hardship and not the splendor of what we are truly capable of. This is where the brainwashing comes in, but we will keep it light. Through deep desire of wanting to learn or grow you will find you attract a circumstance or instance for you to learn. It is spirit listening to you, not through your words. Rather, how you feel and resonate.

Rather get into the mystics of how spirit works, we should start focusing on the inside of the atom. This is where potential energy is sparked and allows us to connect to Source. If you need to label the creative Source of existence that's fine. Understand that it has no name that could describe its true brilliance. It can be felt by letting go of what you think and follow what you feel. Sometimes if you have blockages or it's a challenge to feel or focus, understand that this is where you have to begin your quest. Find time to make yourself believe more in the thing you can not see or feel. The science behind spirit is, the vibration given attention to is the creative force that molds fabric of your universe. We all live in the center of our own universe. This is from the spirit and not from the ego mind.

"As you believe, then so shall it be."


We should get excited about this because we can always change how we feel. The human concept is so complex and you could spend your entire lifetime seeking and studying just one aspect of it. We are truly infinite and it may or may not be necessary. For now, just try and focus on your day to day process.

Here are some tips to get you aligned with the spirit within you:

  • Check in with yourself every couple of minutes to see how your body is feeling.

  • Scan your inner emotions and the areas of your body.

  • Find the hard and constricted places. Relax the thoughts and also the area of discomfort.

  • Breathe into any area of discomfort and find ease in it. (This may feel uncomfortable for a moment, but just trust and breathe it away. It's not physical.)

  • See it as a type of energy in your body. Like little tiny particles moving in circles. Then change it.

If you have a firm belief in the idea you call spirit or God, I advise you to expand your mind a bit. God will meet you where you are. In order to be stretched by the spirit you have to show you are willing to expand your entire being (mind, body, and soul). Take baby steps and know that you are guided and protected. It's just you and The Source of Creation.

Play well and most of all, have a blast creating with the universe. Remember, in order to clear the junk and negative habits you have to go through the fire. It will be painful, but you got this. We have to be brave in the face of our own trauma.

With love,


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