How to understand Stress!

What exactly is stress? Are you aware? Do you understand the process of what it means to stress? Most people in this world are not aware and this is because we are not taught. Simple.

Stress is a very important system attached to the sympathetic nervous system and we need it to keep us out of danger. So hormones are released to give us the ability to react in an instance. Unfortunately, we are using this system too much these days. We stress about everything and use it as a vice to motivate or stay in a particular mindset. We experience everything in our social order as stress because of the content that is given. For instance, the way we are marketed to, the types of games and movies we make. The exploitation of violence but share no love. We won't get into the mechanisms in place to keep us distracted. The fact is that our system is on overload and we are never allowing the Parasympathetic Nervous System to be more active. Let us go over the basics.

Sympathetic nervous system -vs- Parasympathetic

As you see above that the system is designed to give us relaxation and pleasure or to remove or protect us from danger. The unfortunate part is that we are constantly living in the fight or flight responds rather in relaxation. This not only causes us illness due to the bombardment of stress hormones, but it also brings about many branches of fear when we look at the external world.

Think about it this way. The moment you wake up and you have a thought about going to work or the pressures of the world drive you to be active. This is already kick-starting your system to rise with a sympathetic response. Your consciousness knows you are unhappy and not satisfied with your circumstance. Not the say you don't love what you do, it is just most of what you do is for an exchange or worth or money. So the driving force is not your passion and desire. The driving force is your fear of not having money. It is a cascade of events that take place once fear sets in... Like "what will society think of me as a non-productive member and a deadbeat." Or "how will I ever pay my bills?" We put all the ideals of this system before our own joy and truth. We settle for what is shown rather taking the easier path of not worrying no matter what the circumstances may be.

When we allow for the parasympathetic system to be more active we allow for the body to naturally heal and produce hormones to supply the body with chemicals to help you feel at peace. Like Serotonin and Dopamine. This does mean that we must take responsibility for how we feel and respond to external conditions. Do you flip out when the shit hits the fan or do you step back to realize you need to process how you see and feel the circumstance? This way you have more emotionally intelligent responds to external ideas. The stress response is wired to protect us from danger and you perceive that the offensive email you just received is Life Threatening. It is not, but the body responds and releases Cortisol to kick-start the adrenals and suppresses the immune system. It also allows for that nauseous feeling we get when anxious. We all know the feeling but are not aware of our power of choice and perception. Most time the stress response is due to past events or what we have developed as fears.

How do we turn the tide?

It seems almost impossible to switch the triggers and feelings we have when under the influence of this system. The goal is to tune into the way you feel and breathe into the belly and mind where we find the inner battle happening. The hard fact that is unavoidable is changing the mind and its perceptions of any current event. As long as we hold on and regurgitate the idea and patterns. We will continue to create a stressful environment within our body. The goal is to become aware of how we feel and take out power back by letting go of the focus or belief. Below are some steps to help you reset. The brain is only able to focus on one thing at a time. So it is important that you take your mind completely off of the ideas that are upsetting you.

Steps to feeling better

The first step is to breathe. Take slow breaths and allow the focus of your breath to fill your belly and abdomen. When you feel the tension pushing against your organs and feel any slight pain or discomfort, allow your exhale to let the chemical to change just by removing your thoughts from the said problem. Breathe slow and rhythmic until you feel the change in your belly.

Once you have don't this notice how your mind is not full of that stagnate tension behind the forehead. Now allow your head to be filled with space letting go of all distractions from you feeling good. Keep repeating this process as if you are slowly inching yourself down a rope. Feel the incremental release as your guide yourself into a better feeling. This will not be easy, especially if you have a chronic habit of mind fucking yourself. We all do, but now we can choose to feel better.

This takes practice and will need to be a large part of your day when you are feeling this stress response. Remember these are systems in the body. Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic, which one are you living more in?

Be good to yourself,