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Core Confidence Life Podcast: Emotional Intelligence and what is it?

I am excited to announce a podcast that I was on discussing the topic of men and emotional intelligence. The host Dennis R Sumlin is owner and founder of Core Confidence Life, a Communication and Personal Development company based in New York City. CCL can help you become a confident public speaker, and help you develop a productive mindset. Dennis has an ongoing podcast helping people learn how to live their best Core Confidence Life. Which is dedicated to empowering men and talking about the new man that exists in this world today. As a man of color, we are held to a stigma that keeps our mindset boxed and very much hindered. On the show, we address what it is to have emotional intelligence and how to understand how we men can do better by being actively conscious of our emotional state. This is not only an issue with various brown skin men but also European descent. Let's dive in and listen.

Below is a link to the podcast.

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to subscribe to CCL mail list for the lasted on how to be a more effective man in today's world at

With Mad Love,

Omar Davis


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