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Work Overload!

We hope the new year has treated you well thus far. We wanted to check in and see how is it going as the year gets started. For a lot of us, we just jump right on the petal and floor it. So how about those new years' resolutions and yearly promises? Two weeks after you decide to start that new thing or work overload piles on as the new quarter begins. We tend to drive ourselves into downward spirals. How it works in the body is pretty obvious when it comes to why people lose focus on their goals. Well, the first part is recognizing that you have trauma and beliefs attached to certain ideas. These beliefs dictate our every move because they are resting in our subconscious mind and will eventually find their way to override our conscious mind. Consciously you are saying "yes I will overcome this obstacle." That statement is only able to drive you for about two to three weeks. Then your ego starts to play its sneaky games on you and distracts you with all types of circumstances. Once the trigger from the subconscious mind is activated, time will put you back into your place of comfort.

Nonetheless, you CAN change your behavior but it takes a lot of grit and focus. You must understand that the issues that lie around your beliefs and trauma will become more visceral. To see yourself past this hurdle you must have a mind that is determined in order to reprogram. You must also recognize that it is a process and not be "too" hard on yourself. At this point just allow the feelings to flow and watch your thoughts. The only way to reprogram your mind and patterns is with consistency. So when you are feeling like the excuses are starting to fall out of your mouth and repeat in your mind. Tell them that you have a goal and you will stick to it. This requires you to literally develop a different conversation with yourself. Learning how to self-motivate the wonderful child in your heart and help them to believe that they can do it is one of the key skills. It does not matter if this is a physical action, mental or emotional. You can reprogram your body and mind with a consistent effort. There are obviously a lot more steps to take to help you understand this as a science, it is important to make it your own and understand it for yourself if you really want to see what it is you are capable of. So don't fall into the rut of discomfort and old habits as you are reprogramming your reality. You got this and keep moving forward! For more on the science click here to learn more about Plasticity.

We are grateful for all of you and hope your 2020 is amazing, CrashBell

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