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CrashBell in collaboration with Healthline releases a 3-part Mental Health Series: Youth in Focus

CrashBell team helps produce three-part series, shining a light on unique challenges that our youth are currently facing.


In recognition of mental health awareness month, the Brooklyn-based health education and wellness company CrashBell is excited to announce its participation in Healthline + Psych Central’s “Youth in Focus.” This three-part video series highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the mental health challenges facing young people today. As part of a larger initiative, our goal is to give youth the tools needed to navigate healing but understand that they’re not alone.

The CrashBell team helped produce this three-part series, shining a light on unique challenges our youth are currently facing, exploring stories, and sharing tips and resources to help them get through life’s most demanding times.

The discussions analyze how difficult world events like the pandemic and personal struggles created a mental health crisis experienced by our teens. CrashBell recognizes our youth have had to adjust to this time of “accelerated living.” This series offers young people an opportunity to express themselves, and also a platform for mental health professionals to share sound advice and data.

Our team of therapists discusses the mental, emotional, and social effects on the development of our kids. Youth groups participate in mindfulness exercises and receive tools to help them thrive. The CrashBell team continues its work in schools with its “Empowered Seeds and Empowered Youth” programs. The company also offers wellness solutions for high-profile corporate clients and advocates for employee wellness.

About Crashbell

CrashBell is a health education organization founded in Brooklyn, NY. We believe all people have the right to an education on human anatomy and consciousness and are focused on community initiatives. We provide tips, tools, and practical techniques to help build body comprehension and accountability. We also help reprogram habits and subconscious patterns of learning behavior. Our goal is to help individuals from all parts of life cultivate awareness, self-accountability, and mindfulness as part of their daily routine.

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Youth in Focus Part 1


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