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Body . Mind . Spirit

Open Monday - Friday

10:00am - 7:00pm

5422 Holly Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78411


How We Make Noise

Empowering Our Future

Like Crashing into a Bell, let's create a positive sound in this world. We are here to support the Body, Mind, and Spirit, to assist the entire person. Helping you to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally to empower your inner wisdom.


Mental Health

emotional wellness


Omar & Stephanie

We met at the Swedish Institute, NYC a medical massage therapy school.  After seeing the effects on our patients when we assisted them with emotional awareness. We created CrashBell as a separate company to share tools and information on anatomy and inner awareness.  Founded in Brooklyn, NY we began to create curriculum on Anatomy and Social Emotional Learning in 2016. We started with elementary schools and grew to Corporate wellness and leadership training with our team of mental health therapist. Now in Corpus Christi, TX we have combined our medical massage treatments with CrashBell, the first Holistic Wellness Center of its kind. 

The Founders

Modalities and Practices

We combine holistic methods with anatomy  tools for a more balanced life. Our Soft Tissue Treatment (medical massage) and education comprehension helps to reeducate the mind and body with new habits. Paired with Yoga & Meditation classes, along with Workshops for deeper connection and knowledge of your inner world. 

In House

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Mental health

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Modalities and Practices

We combine holistic methods with anatomy  tools for a more balanced life. From Schools to Workspaces, we help to support stress management skills. Group mental health workshops supports the community to build stronger and more trusting relationships. We help to build a more mindful and accountable environments for a more productive brain. 

In Your house


Crashbell fit

CrashBell Fit