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Me Time Self Study Course

You Matter!

What You Will Get From This Course We are all about anatomy. In the course, you will learn about the systems of your body and how they work. You will learn that you have more than one brain in your body, what they do, and how to develop a connection with yourself to recognize stress or and threats to your mental health. Pair with meditation and It will become clear why you must take Me Time. We are learning to become aware of the feeling we live in, consistently. It could be positive or negative. Our goal is to provide steps that you can take to help improve life's quality. The idea is to help you become more aware of your mental and emotional states. When we are able to recognize the way we are feeling it becomes easier and easier to navigate our thoughts. This way we can focus on those that uplift us rather than keep us down. We will lead a lesson on how to allow your inner wisdom to be re-awakened through stimulating your emotional intelligence. This is an 8 part course that is simple and practical. This is a lifestyle change so take your time.





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