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online self-study course

We All Need Some Me Time

The Me Time self-study course is an exploration into who you are and the thoughts and patterns that affect your decisions. Use this as a foundational component to support your choice to live a whole and fulfilling life.


Be the best you by learning more about who you are, inside and out.

Americans say stress and anxiety most often impacts their:

  • workplace performance: 56%

  • relationship with coworkers and peers: 51%

  • quality of work: 50%

  • relationships with superiors: 43%

Also affects home life, parenting, and relationships. 

and learn more about your inner awareness. 

Join the tribe

This course is the process of learning how to identify the feeling you live in, consistently. It could be positive or negative. Our goal is to provide steps that you can take to help improve life's quality. The idea is to help you become more aware of your mental and emotional states.

Did You Know?

You can Sign up now by using your employee benefit credits for your personal and professional development.

Sitting Meditation


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