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A Course In Miracles.

It's been 8 weeks since I delved back into A Course In Miracles. Through the years I was always hearing from the people I enjoy learning from speak about what A Course In Miracles taught them. (Now, I say taught but the real meaning is a reawakening.) On the bottom of the cover is written: A Foundation For Inner Peace. Every person has explained through references of the book, that if people would apply the teachings from the book into their personal lives, there would without a doubt be more peace in the world.

It seems now that humanity, in our false perception of it, is a far cry away from world peace. Humanity is upset by the horrors, and angry at the division. Separation is what created this whole mess in the first place, & we are angry at the constant division! But it is precisely why we need to cultivate & uncover it by looking within & understanding that from only here can REAL FUNDAMENTAL change take place.

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." -Rumi

All the great teachers of this world constantly explain that we need to go within to find the answers to all problems. Yet the world never teachers you that.. rather it teaches something completely opposite. That external things will make us happy, AKA Consumerism! We buy into it because we want to trust that people are giving us their best honest selves... but every single person realizes at some point, this is not the truth. There's always something left within us that is never completely satiated.

I began reading A Course In Miracles, again, after failed attempts of resistance being projected onto it. As I would read it I felt a deep sense of peace radiate through me as my consciousness expanded. Yet I kept coming up against resistance. The things my ego, my small self, fights everyday to hold onto. The ego sensed it's demise because light was shown on my darkness.. and darkness can't exist in light.. it knew that if I chose peace, that would be the death of that aspect of my ego. So my ego won... that round at least!

Now I'm taking my time with it. Without a doubt there is still resistance, but I am making a sincere and diligent effort to keep going within. To choose not to continue holding on to my small self, in fear of my greatness... Because that's really what it's about. Honestly, we fight to hold on to our own personal hell but when we can let it go we will discover peace & realize there was nothing really there for us to ever hold on to. It is the holding on that doesn't allow the peace to naturally resonate within and through us. The peace is our truth the resistance is not.

I know that personally I am tired of the resistance. It's fucking painful. It is a personal hell that I am deliberately choosing to not live in anymore.

"The ego is our pain but it is what we know, & we resist moving out of it. The effort it takes to grow out of painful patterns often feels more uncomfortable than remaining within them.

Personal growth can be so painful because it can make us feel so ashamed and humiliated to face our own darkness.

But the goal of personal growth is the journey out of emotional patterns that cause us pain,

to those which cause us peace."

Marianne Williamson in her book

A Return to Love

Reflections on the principles of A COURSE IN MIRACLES

We as a human race have devalued our own inner power & greatness. We accepted & still greatly accept the false notion that "I'll believe it when I see it." You see it everywhere.. Just turn on the news (or don't.. because you're just feeding the fear.. that which we give our attention to becomes part of our experience. Not saying those exact things will happen to you physically, but other things that are attracted to a similar low vibration will make themselves a part of your experience.) This is what the majority of the population is tuned into and energetically feeding themselves with! It was deliberately created to keep us in a low vibration, because when we really discover that we are extremely powerful, then those who feed off of power and control will have no more power or control to eat.

The majority of our being resides in non physical .. that which we cannot see! It is time we stop paying attention to the manifestations of what we have created in the past & deliberately start creating new ones! We need radical change.. RADICAL AWAKENING! But it has to start within us. The universe doesn't see us as separate.. only we do. It is time we stop fighting ourselves.. It is time we stop defending our small self, by allowing ourselves to acknowledge our bigger SELF. We cannot expect to see the change we so greatly desire when we are focused on the physical, which are just previous thoughts & beliefs that have manifested.

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.

Here's a new fun thought to cultivate! Scientists have discovered through physical measures that the human heart has an electromagnetic energy field that extends 5-8 ft outwards from our physical body! Actually many of these scientists believe that this heart field extends for many miles on the physical plane & on the Quantum realm it is probably infinite! This heart field radiates what we are feeling and is a powerful magnet for attraction. So the next time you're in a crowd of people remember this field, breathe into your heart, and try to visualize or feel it. This is a great way to become aware of your thoughts and feelings which will determine how you live your life and view the world.

I understand the value of people sharing their personal experiences in the face of adversity. I am so grateful for all the great teachers that have come before me that were brave & courageous enough to believe in themselves. Through their bravery of sharing so many have benefited greatly. I sincerely hope to do the same. This is why I write, why I choose to do what I do. Because through my feeling good I know it is in direct alignment with who I AM. Since we are all drops of an ocean I know my experience will radiate outwards and reach who it needs to reach.

Thank you for taking the time for allowing us to hold this space together. I value you, and your presence.


If you would like to learn more about what A Course In Miracles click here.

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