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I AM Woman. I AM Pleasure.

This past weekend I attended Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Experience 2 day workshop. For anyone who doesn't know of this Courageous Fierce Force known as Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena) she "is a revolution: an icon, teacher, author, mother and one of a handful of pioneers on the planet researching the nature of pleasure and dedicating her life to the discipline of pleasure and fun. She believes that women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet, and after attending her workshop I truly believe her!

I was part of the attendance of 2,000 women at The Jacob Javits Center on the weekend of The Famous Womans March. 2,000 women ALL in alignment supporting, accepting & uplifting each other regardless of our political beliefs, ethnicity & religious backgrounds was truly comforting and empowering! I've never experienced anything like it before. I am proud of the women that marched because the sisterhood and support that resonated was real and that vibration alone did and will continue to do wonders for our planet. It is so important to understand that none of us are free until we are ALL free. What we are doing by coming together in support and justice is resonating for the women who are in bondage in places on our planet that don't get a chance to voice their opinions, feel or express their various ranges of innate emotions. We have our voices and our emotions and it's imperative to understand this 4th wave of feminism is our opportunity to feel. This incredible freedom to engage, explore, and feel our divine feminine nature was gratefully made possible by the paths of resistance, drive and fight paved before us.

The day after the women's march before day 2 of The Workshop I was to be attending, I stopped into my local coffee shop to get a Latte (yummy!) I mentioned the workshop to one of the familiar baristas and expressed how much fun I had, and he said to me "I think you're the only woman who experienced yesterday as being fun." I proceeded to tell him that I learned that the gift of being a woman is to experience pleasure, and that if we let ANYONE or ANYTHING rob us of that then they win. Because this patriarchal system is designed to keep a woman turned off, residing in her head, and far away from her joy. When a woman is given the ability to feel into her pleasure & Joy she radiates and it is a palpable, uplifting, liberating force that is undeniably felt by all who surround her.

You see there is something profound that happens when a woman turns on, now I don't mean turn on as in walking around touching yourself and gyrating all over the place, I'm meaning when a woman is connected to bliss, connected to HER joy, HER desire & it is completely magical! It is a perceptible force that has the power to make people drop to their knees in surrender because they catch a glimpse of the joyous truth that is US, and where we ALL come from.

We are all here helping one another discover ourselves.

I once heard that if you want to transform your life you must first be responsible for where you feel weak and powerless. I'll be completely open and transparent here in saying that for a long time I have been feeling weak and powerless in knowing what it is that I am wanting and desiring. I've spent such a great deal of my life feeling completely fucking lost. But that is changing and it's changing rapidly, because I am learning how to tap into the divine power of my Pussy! Yep, 3 weeks ago I purchased Mama Gena's new book Pussy: A Reclamation. This previously untapped connection is awakening me in ways I never knew were possible! For instance, Day 1 of the workshop every woman did a pussy walk across the stage. What's a pussy walk you are probably asking? It's the way a woman walks when she's connected to her Pussy. Now I know us woman are always connected physically to our pussy as they are a part of our bodies, but I mean connected to her in a way that you feel with every fiber of your being! For instance Mama Gena gave us an immensely powerful little mantra to repeat to ourselves as we walked across that stage. That mantra was, drum roll please, "I have the most gorgeous pussy!" I watched some intensely shy, almost frozen by fear women get up and walk the stage before and after the mantra. What I witnessed was complete turned on confidence in a matter of seconds as they walked reciting this mantra in their minds. It was incredibly alluring.

The 2nd night after the workshop ended I left feeling emotionally raw. I felt like getting home, curling into bed and crying . But on my journey home I was able to raise my vibration by accessing my turn on and putting this mantra to work. As I walked the subway platform I recited this mantra over and over silently to myself and I physically witnessed all eyes turn towards me. Seeing how powerful this was, part of me wanted to shy away, but so much of me wanted to keep it going! So I did. I put on some of my favorite songs, popped in my headphones and rode the train home so connected to my pussy, to source and the sisterhood I just experienced. Men and Women stared in my direction, some engaged with me in eye contact. I remember seeing a man that looked so distraught. I felt this complete outpouring of love and comfort rush towards him because I saw my brother was tired and hurting. I saw deeply into one womans eyes and I didn't look away in fear as I normally would have, instead I SAW her as my sister and I saw she was tired too. This tiredness comes from a deep sense of not being emotionally connected with our true selves and the whole world is feeling it.

This turn on if I could express it into words was such an outpouring of love and connection. I never had that experience in my life, and it was all due to me raising my Pussy confidence! So with all the chaos, all the discord, all the resistance and disconnection we are experiencing. I challenge you to be consciously selective of the news you are choosing to watch , choose to turn off the subliminal fear control that is fueling us to stay in our heads, and TURN ON to your joy, turn on to your pleasure, turn on and tap into The Greatest Natural Resource of our Planet: The Divine Feminine.

"Just as a seed needs soil, sun, and water in order to grow, your appetite requires a support system to really spring to life. The best fertilizers you can find for your sprouting desires are fun and pleasure- they are all-natural and you can never have too much of them, so sprinkle them daily throughout your life."

-Regena Thomashauer

Our men need us to, our children need us too, the world needs us to, but most importantly, You need you to.

Here are a list of a few personal suggestions and further resources for accessing pleasure:

+ Choose to enjoy and savor your coffee/tea instead of just drinking it

+ Listen to your favorite music & break out into dance! Choose to let your body move how it wants to... then go ahead and try not to smile! (I break out into dance at home on the regular with my two boys.. We always have an incredible time and it's such a fun bonding experience.)

+ Inspire yourself to enjoy, relish & prioritize things you love doing.. Just because you love doing them!

+ Go for regular walks in nature. The energetic vibration in nature is perfect. That's why you always feel so good being surrounded by it! :)

I would love to hear some ways you choose to experience pleasure in your life!

Thanks for holding this space with me. Make a great day!



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