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Is life Stale or Mundane? You may be the reason.

Life is not like a box of chocolates

Has life gotten in the way of your happiness? It always this or always that! Well dammit when do we get a break? Over the past 6 years I have really started to awaken to my inner self and what I am finding is... Reality is NOT what you think! In our new science and technology we have discover many things about our world that has been unknown to us. We now know the Atom is constantly in motion, moving in and out of multiple dimensions all at once. What does this mean considering we are composed of atoms? Well truth be told. We live in all dimensions at once. Our vibration determines the reality we experience. Think of it this way... in Music the key of C can only ring another C which is in harmony. You don't even have to touch it physically. Just strike one and they will all ring in unison. This is the way everything in our known universe works. Some people label it the Law of Attraction. Its a lot more complicated than just attracting something. To be simple it comes down to your emotional disposition. Based on how you feel inside will determine the speed your cells, DNA, or atoms vibrate. Now if you can imagine what that looks like in and out of your body you would see that the beliefs you hold or the ideas you can not let go of make up your reality. The phrase "you are what you eat." Or "as you believe so shall it be." This helps us to understand our perception is what creates our reality.

So if you feel you have been hitting the same wall or attracting the same type of people and circumstances. Then It may be your believe of what you feel you deserve. Call it God, Bob or Source. It only hears what you feel not what you say or pray to. Even if you don't pray or believe in a higher being, you are still responsible for the way you CHOOSE to allow yourself to feel.

In order to take charge and gain control of our lives. We must first live in our joy. Our passion is the most precise way to change the way you fee life is going. When we are doing things based on others goals for us or running from fear. Even holding on to comfort because your afraid of loosing what you have. Its all fear and distrust of your true power. If you are aware of a good or bad feeling within yourself when people, places or things get to you. Then you can choose differently in that moment.

We are more capable than we have been told to believe. I believe in you and know your are a power force in this world. We all choose to be here to help each other expand. Even your enemy. Today, try and let go and breathe into any discomfort or pain. Forgive any grievances you may have and allow yourself to love more. Take small steps to do things that make you happy. Dancing, reading, knitting, running or volunteering. Doesn't matter as long as it makes you feel radiant and expansive in your chest.

Do this daily and you create a habit for it to be easier.

Remember Every Thought Counts!

With Mad Love,



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