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Today WE can CHOOSE!


To start off I would like to be honest today. It is a rough day for me mentally and letting go of anything seems impossible. Even typing this email my ego is wanting to stay in the feeling of frustrations and anger. I just did a small meditation and it helped but the ego is an asshole. I am now CHOOSING to remain in a positive place even though I want to burn this entire world to the ground. won’t solve anything because I will still have my mind to battle as I am floating all by my lonesome in outer space. If my day is this way then how many other people are battling the depths of their mind? Well if you find your swimming in an abyss of shitty emotions, then take some time out to read further. The steps I have listed to get yourself into a better feeling is what I am going to be practicing all day to remain far away from total destruction. Hope you it assist you throughout the week!

When it comes to personal growth, lets be real. It sucks, like a lot! It hurts sooooo freaking much and it is not easily digested. Right? But… it must be swallowed for the pill is a blessed one. Which is Awareness of the Self. I like to tell my clients “no life lesson is learned in bliss. It's always painful, no pain no gain huh?” This is not just an idea applied to the physical but also the mental and emotional. We all will experience some hardship. There is no one exempt from life's lessons. I have been dealing with my own egoic ideas and letting them go is like trying to breathe underwater. I feel crazy at times and have to remind myself constantly to “let it go Omar.” There are times my ego yells at me with some fear like, “Don’t trust it you will get hurt.” And the more I find myself feeling better the louder my damn ego gets. The ego thinks it is real and its job is to keep you safe. All the walls from past trauma and childhood disappointments. It wants to keep those fears locked down, but we must rid ourselves of these false perceptions and wrong ideas. We are far more amazing than we give ourselves credit for. It is the ego who is responsible for your limitations so we need to shut it up! It's important you comprehend this otherwise your ego with trick you for it is a conniving son of a b!#@$!.

So how do we face this knowingly shitty situations?

Here are some steps.

Step 1: Try to notice the triggers that push you in a negative feeling.

Step 2: Be as honest as you can even if it hurts. Know it's going to be a challenge and very uncomfortable.

Step 3: Be brave enough to stand up to yourself. Ex: Don't sabotage or keep putting yourself down. Stop being so hard on yourself, this also means stop having that imaginary conversation with someone in your head. They are not there.

Step 4: Put on some good tunes or a positive talk. Find something to inspire you. Dance, move or whatever makes you feel good. Switch your focus from negative to a better feeling.

Step 5: Put your focus on your inner awareness (Get comfortable and take 3 deep breathes, then scan your body for tension and constriction. You must use your imagination to let go of any contracted area). Try and see it from a larger perspective. “Grasp the big picture so to say.” I like to think of it like a tiny pin hole viewpoint versus a eraser size hole. You see more and now your perspective has broadened.

Step 6: Breathe through it. Literally. It's all ego, so when you're fighting it. Just feel the brain as you breathe and then rest your heart. It should relax like letting go of a tense muscle. Connecting the heart and mind.

Most important things to do is to be consistent and do not allow your ego to set you back. Be patient and have compassion for the small child within you. Know it is impossible to immediately go from a constant negative to a constant positive. The more you practice the more momentum you carry. So build the habit.

Now go out there and create your momentum and get moving. Doesn't matter how long it takes to get there, just start!

With Mad Love,



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