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A Place for Your Spaces

Black Men And Mental Health

Photo by Nick Wilkerson on Unsplash

Hey Y'all,

Let me start by saying, thank you! When you take a deep breath even though you may want to scream. When you reach into the mirror and embrace the one who has to hold it in and hold it down. When you show authority and fairness. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for stepping out of ancient comfort zones. Thank you for your willingness to be seen and heard when the world hasn't shown you it cares to listen or look at you and truly see you. Thank you for opening the door to your vulnerability, even if only a sliver of light shines through. Thank you for bringing other men into this space where they can be human and be majestic. We need more of this.

There are spaces waiting for you to fill. There are systems only you can create. There are so many other men and male-identifying people that need your voice and your stories. You are amazing and resilient. You've had to be. However, you don't have to grind your hopes and dreams down to the bones just to make it through the day. You can thrive as you heal. Be radically committed to breaking down your walls and bring a friend. Make your wellness so brilliant that your unguarded soul can't be touched by stigmas and fears. Your time is now! We are here and we have plenty of space for you.

We acknowledge how Black men have been disproportionately served in the mental health arena. In a world that has historically, politically, and socially undermined Black men, we recognize the obstacles to safe spaces to explore mental health needs. For those men that have paved a way for healing in our communities, we salute you!


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