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CrashBell in collaboration with Healthline releases a 3-part Mental Health Series: Youth in

CrashBell team helps produce three-part series, shining a light on unique challenges that our youth are currently facing.

It is our mission to support our teens and their mental health as they are the future. We are proud and excited to share knowledge and provide a voice for our teens in the 2nd episode of "Youth in Focus." We would like to thank the Crashbell team for their impact and knowledge. Also to our partners at Healthline x Thanks to Carlos Davila [he/him], Somiari Fubara, Shannon Cameron, and our founder Omar Davis for dropping gems.

In Episode 2, we’re focusing on organizations that uplift kids' mental health and emotional awareness. We sit down with professionals to discuss the current state of mental health and well-being for youth, including the impact of world events and how they’re reframing how young people feel. Crashbell was once again honored to produce this series and include some of our respected colleagues.

Healthline + Psych Central present “Youth in Focus,” a series highlighting the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the mental health challenges facing young people today. We’re shining a light on unique challenges, exploring stories, and sharing tips and resources everyone can use to get through life’s most challenging times. #health. #mentalhealth #youth #mentalhewalthawareness #opportunity #people #covid

About Crashbell

CrashBell is a health education organization founded in Brooklyn, NY. We believe all people have the right to an education on human anatomy and consciousness and are focused on community initiatives. We provide tips, tools, and practical techniques to help build body comprehension and accountability. We also help reprogram habits and subconscious patterns of learning behavior. Our goal is to help individuals from all parts of life cultivate awareness, self-accountability, and mindfulness as part of their daily routine.

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Youth in Focus Part 2: The Acceptance


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