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The Quickest Way to Happiness!!!

Sometimes You Have to be Brutal

It was about 6:34 pm and I was asked "When you say you deal with your ego, what do you mean?" I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts. I stated "Brutal Honesty!" She asked "Honest with what?"

"Well, myself. I am in a constant state of questioning my thoughts and actions. I weigh every thought with the question, Why?" She then stated that it must be so exhausting.

 This seems to be everyone's answer to the idea when I explain to them what I am attempting to achieve. I asked the lady if she would rather live a life full of anguish and torment from mental and emotional discontent? Or deal with the fear head on and deny the ego any chance to become that full grown beast. She stated what everyone say's "Well yes of course I would deal with it."

  This is where the brutal honesty part comes in. Most say they would but not many take the steps required to face all fears or desires. It is a trying thing and truly hurts to let go and surrender your desires and beliefs. When it comes to our physical (animal) perception we tend to need things or goals to make us feel good about who we are. If balanced, then it is never a bad thing. If not, then it is the ego, and oh boy! See the thing is, when we make the choice to question every thought, weigh it with the feeling & thought of "Did that feel good to me, and what purpose does it serve?" We empower ourselves to smother all the doubts and fears that plague our minds.

  The ego needs the walls to be up, to define itself and have limiting boundaries. But truly we have no boundaries except the ones we place on ourselves. Which become our beliefs and silently guide our path in the background of our actions. We know for a fact in our science and medicine that the brain can do anything. The term is called Neuroplasticity, which is when the brain adapts and molds itself to its habitat. In other words it learns what your give it. You teach it how to do anything. So when we are in a state of battling negative thoughts we must overcome that it is a learned and practiced habit. It helps us to understand that change is possible. First, we have to be super honest with ourselves and keep in mind one thing. We don't deserve this treatment of always tormenting ourselves. We deserve the tools to help us break free. We deserve truth and freedom. Seriously! We must clear all these negative thoughts and patterns that we have developed. 

  Know this, it will take time and this is a life journey. The idea is to find a better quality or disposition. Daily I ask myself "How is my disposition?" If frustrated or not easy then I have to seek why? I have to gather the feelings within my own person to understand why I am feeling this way. No one is the problem... Its all my perception reflecting my inner world. We all have the ability to discern what a good or bad feeling is.

  Now my note to all of you would be... Just don't bullshit yourself. For real! Don't keep kicking your own ass and make a choice to be better to yourself. It will be a challenge and you will have bad days. Remember you have to build the habit of treating yourself good. You are not use to doing that, lets be honest! The point is to just be diligent in your choice to be better to yourself. Then over time it will become a part of your character and you will have developed the brain pattern to be more of that which you practice. Also called a belief.

See, its simple! :)

with Mad Love,



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