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Heart Magnetic's

Are you aware of the brain that exists in your heart? Chances are you're not. Not to worry though, majority of people don't know mostly because science barely has unraveled these ideas. Yet somehow our ancient ancestors knew more than a thing or two about this heart brain. Some of our most cherished ancient spiritual traditions lived and taught the importance of The Human Heart. Have you heard about The Heart Math Institute? Founded in 1991 to help individuals, organizations, and the global community incorporate the hearts intelligence into our day to day life experiences. They connect heart and science in ways previous studies in modern medicine could not see or possibly imagine. Their peer reviewed scientific studies of the heart empower people to live a more heart conscious lifestyle which greatly reduces stress, allows us to build resilience and make better choices in life. If you're the type of person that hears science and your eyes glaze over, hang in here because I promise this is worth your time and will give you a much deeper understanding of just how powerful you really are. I think it's safe to say we all know the saying "Follow your heart." We now know thanks to these dedicated scientific discoveries, the true meaning of this saying... that the heart thinks for itself! Let's take a short journey to give you a better understanding of how what has been (and is still being) taught to us about the human body is extremely incorrect. Modern Western medicine bases its studies and findings on science from the past 300 years, (an extremely short time considering how long we've been around!) which has told us that the brain is the powerhouse of the body and it controls everything within our bodies. Now the brain has an important role to play within our human body system, but the heart is now scientifically known to send more signals to the brain than the brain to it!!! This is because the heart actually has it's very own "brain" which is composed of about 40,000 neurons that can learn, sense, feel and remember! It has also been discovered that the heart has the strongest magnetic field in our body that has been physically measured to extend from our physical bodies for a distance of about 5-8 ft! Now get this... 5-8 ft was only what could be physically measured and detected based on the current technology and tools we have. Scientists deeply feel that our heart fields extend for many miles on the physical level, and when we talk about Quantum physics they believe it is infinite! This information is groundbreaking and completely changes the ways in which we view ourselves and the world around us. I genuinely hope you enjoyed this revolutionary insight into this powerful organ nestled in your chest. Go ahead and place a hand on your heart, take a breath and express a thank you for it beating and guiding you your entire life. What we have shared with you today just touches the surface of the revolutionary power of the human heart! If you would like to take this discovery further, check out this book from The HeartMath Institute.


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