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How we are connected...Entanglement

The Bang

There was once a time that we as a collective all lived as one. Whaaaaat? Yes, this is absolutely true for all things. Rocks, stars, snails, an amoeba, particles of elements, trees, we can go on forever. And that is just earth. So can you imagine the possibilities that we once were? Can you see it? A tiny concentration of light with the power of infinity inside of it. Completing the understanding of itself from the inner perspective, but is there more? Is there an infinite number of ideas to explore, in all aspect of creation. What does that mean? Could there be more than just creating consciousness? Could all things be explored? Then, BOOM! An explosion erupts, creating chaos and peace all at the same time. A violent force of particles expanding at rapid speeds evolving and colliding into one another. Meanwhile, smaller particles have also formed from this big bang. They rush on coasting in peace across this expanding space. Now Consciousness is eager to understand how to have a viewpoint of each part of itself as it expands. It has created a potential for all types of energy. Some we know of and others we have no capacity to understand. The light that is reflected is the only true creation, all else is a mere illusion of that light.

Whichever form the light chooses to take, whether waves, particles, elements or solid objects. Its all potential energy created into a type of light. This means that the only thing that there is, is thought that is transformed into light. So the entanglement of this illusion of a reality we have is that we all spawn from the same Source. Which explains that we are all the same thing that is now many things. The Source of this intelligence is the only thing that is experiencing, which in truth we are that thing. We have just been made to forget so that we have a fixated idea on the reality we call real.

But is it?

When we look at all things from our outer perspective down to the smallest detail in our bodies. We see that we are a complex structure of life that is from codes and light formations. Each reality in our body is its own. The cells are only being cells. The muscles and bones are a collective but the cells are a different reality. Just as the chromosomes and the DNA that they are made of are two different realities. The Atoms are the physical code that is aligned to create our entire reality. In order to understand the truth you must see the depth of what you truly are. You are a god body that is creating an infinite number of life forces. Each working to give you a body and a conscious experience of truth. This is your own truth. Mine is my own, and each of us has free will to choose. It is proven that we all have an effect on the world around us into time and space, and a connection to each other that we can detect with our technology.

The energetic output that is released is connected and will change every atom in every part of our world and universe. From the inner to the outer. We are all connected no matter how far you think you are from something. The idea in which we need to grasp is the patterns and energies experienced. Observing how we react or respond to what it is that we feel is reality is the lesson and reason we are here. So how you treat yourself and the world around you will not only have a direct impact on what you are experiencing, but also the universe that is around you. If you could see and feel the energy that is expelling off of your physical body you would then understand how to change and create different habits and understanding for yourself. Usually, we do the opposite, which is allowing the physical reality to determine how we feel and respond to the said conditions. A perfect example of entanglement because it shows how the patterns that are in your life are the realities you create. Some call it karma because it keeps you and certain people in the same space. This could be positive or negative.

Now what?

In order to gain control of your life and reality is to have a comprehension of what truly is and what is manufactured to be true by our education and social agendas. We must see the big picture and not the focused problem or idea of life. Be open-minded to the potential that you are more than what you have been told. Then allow yourself to let go of the lies associated with our common beliefs. You and everything in this universe are deeply connected by a force that is created to experience what it is to be you. Why you chose you and why your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you can build. This will show you how we are a unit of expression. So how we treat each other shapes and forms our world. From the smallest particle to the largest star, we are all the same and consciously connected. Entangled through various realities and infinite distances within our time and space paradigm.

Together we are creating this world,


Here is a description by Greg Braden explaining the evidence we have of entanglement.

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