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The practice of giving.

Over the past couple of months. I have begun to reshape my beliefs about the idea of finances. As I have been attaining more inner knowledge of what and who I am as a being. I have come to a deep inner conviction that the source of energy in the atom is more of a factor in how I see and feel this world. As Crashbell is taking its own shape and form. It is showing me that I have to change who I am to shape the world around me. Though I had known of this concept, now I understand how to implement. I can not complete the task ahead as the old Omar. I have to transform the energy within the atoms output. It has to be a completely different vibration.

I have been addressing my belief about money, my progress and what I am capable of for quite some time now. This belief reflected the deepest rooted emotion of being worthy and accepting myself. This all involved trust and understanding of who I am. As I have peeled the onion of truth. I can now see that I have always been loved and looked after. The source of this world is always waiting for me to lie back in its truth and love. To trust in the Source to give me the understanding and change the potential energy of the atom. This means that I Am the Source and without the acknowledgment of this source, we are creating our of false beliefs of this world. Which, none of this is true.

None of your beliefs are true, hard fact, they are only true to you. The only true idea is your observing a reality that is a complex hologram. Science has proven and acknowledged this today. The study of fractals helped us to see the patterns of this universe and its all by design!

So practically I was seeking to understand “how in the hell do I apply this to my physical world?” I was tired of the friction that I consistently felt from the "pushback" of this world. Then I realized that it was my output that was causing the opposing friction. Just as an atom repelling and connecting to an equal or greater force. This showed me a clue to what I was doing and how to change it. I have been repeating a mantra that states.

“I am all things,

Therefore and have all things.

So I give all things

and expect nothing in return.”

So to say all that. I was walking up to the MTA machine to get metro fare I noticed the gentleman taking the space of the small credit only machine I needed to use. He was picking up the metro cards from the recycle bin next to it in hope's they had money on them to sale or use. This is very common in NYC. So as I was standing there just thinking and feeling in the moment and heard “therefore I give all.” I had a couple ones. Maybe three or four in a small fold. I debated giving it to him even after hearing those words in my inner self, I still questioned. I looked down and saw a dine directly in the middle of my feet. I then without hesitation picked it up and said. I have all and give all. I handed the man the wad of ones and exchanged with the universe the dime, vibrating gratefulness of being able to give. This sense sparked more of the new building blocks that I have decided to build in my reality. The practice of giving and changing the energy in my inner beliefs. I felt it like a little flame and electric spark in my heart. It was in the area of my heart called the SA node, also known as the heart brain. Makes sense if you really think about it. I know I have changed the universe and how I feel it. I feel different daily from this outward expression. It has also allowed me to recognize not to attach past frustrations to circumstances or perceptions.

My ego and inner dialog wanted to argue with facts of what I felt was true rather than just trusting that all is well and I have all things. Plus he was my brother and I did not want to see him in lack but in glory of my reflection. I sent love to him and may never see him again. But he will always be my brother and when we leave this planet I will remember him.

The point to this is to help to shape an idea for you to see that we are more connected and responsible for the things that we experience. Also how we see it and choose to react to any situation. I had to change the pattern I had felt so deeply for a long time. The pattern of self-doubt.

I hope to pass this on and show all that we are so capable of being who we want to be. Letting go of false beliefs that have shaped what we see as real. Always keep in mind that the energy inside your atoms are the way to identify the reality you want to see. It will radiate out into the physical world shaping the ideas around you. This is not a philosophy, it is physics.

Thanks for reading,


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