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Authenticity and Advancement

Cultivating Innovation in the Black Community

(image via: Gentlemen's Factory)

Solving the Isolation problem

Jeff Lindor had careers in healthcare, government, and finance before creating Groomed Success, which provides "professional development training for young men of color". It is the first installment of his vision to reduce the gap to access in communities that traditionally have lacked resources for training young men to be successful in life. The Haitian-American founder went on to open Gentleman's Factory which was initially an online retail entity. Gentlemen's Factory offers tools for expansion to black and brown communities via networking, event facilitation, and social engagement. Much more than a social club for men, Gentleman's Factory is a member-based institution in Brooklyn, NY that provides, counseling, work and meeting spaces, collaboration, and a plethora of other services for men in the black and brown community. Lindor considers it "a one-stop-shop for personal and professional development".

The atmosphere is such that men are not alone in the pursuit of their goals. They have the backing of like-minded individuals who want everyone to win. Though partnerships are encouraged, advancement is on the individual's terms. The goal is for men to come together to build and champion each other's dreams. The Innovation Lab is for connection and learning. Some services offered at the Creative Lab are spaces for podcasting, photography, and production rooms. These are solutions-based environments geared towards brainstorming and how to raise the bar for the betterment of all. The Brooklyn Lab and future Labs are developed to the specifications for the needs of the communities they are in.

I'm also someone who knows my power.

Silent Strength

Lindor states that he leads without being boastful because he is secure with who he is. His approach to leadership is to stay true to the overall goal of his businesses in the midst of opportunities and inquiries that come his way. This means being authentic to himself and what Gentlemen's Factory and Groomed Success stand for. Lindor was adamant that regardless of the amount of money raised, investors had to believe in the vision of the company. He leads with the mission of extending the power of choice and the power of options to black and brown communities. Gentlemen's Factory aims to increase the collective financial capacity by disrupting the status quo. The company has been fortunate to grow during the pandemic and has plans for expansion to other cities. Seems like they are off to a fantastic start!


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