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In the Garden of My Soul

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

I hope my flowers bloom

It's spring in the North East. People are excited about outside life and relaxed protocols. Messages about renewal and transformation are everywhere. Admittedly, I'm here for it. Trading in hibernation life for activities enjoyed in the sunlight gives us something to look forward to. Life is still challenging, yet spring offers a sense of respite from the heaviness.

However, like the lingering frosty mornings, our spirits may be slow to warm up to the new versions of ourselves that want to blossom.

Our souls need tending just as spring gardens do

Our best self is on the other side of patterns whose roots need to be pulled. If you've ever been in a liminal season, you know that space is where our shadows need the most attention. Outdated behaviors can take up valuable real estate thus constricting the growth of our future plans/versions of ourselves ready to bloom. I've experienced this enough that I prefer to take the time to get to the source of behaviors that steal my joy.

The key here is asking what information is being offered. Looking past knee-jerk reactions to witness what our soul truly needs is the equivalent of pulling weeds out by the roots. In the pursuit of becoming, it's vital that we address the reasons why we default to certain behaviors and thoughts. Survival mode out. Thrive mode, On!

Nurturing the seedlings: Self-regulation

I'd rather not have my inner child stomping all over the plantings. Our curated lives can take a hit when we coast over uncomfortable situations. Prior coping skills won't necessarily work for me now. Since humans are creatures of habit, this can be a challenging place to navigate. Grace and patience are our allies in this terrain.

Mind/body awareness practices support new growth. Grounding ourselves and asking our hearts what we need helps to cultivate new ways of managing our emotions and responses to challenges. This doesn't eliminate the challenge. It empowers us to meet what shows up for us to experience in ways that don't leave us depleted.


When you firmly commit to having a better life, it's a decision you make from moment to moment. There is no need to rush through your current season. Have gratitude when you show up for yourself. Offer yourself grace when you default to the old ways of responding. Keep nurturing your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. The changes will happen. Day by day, you will bloom.


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