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Show Up And Take Up Space

Yes, Now

I was on a walk the other day when I came across a message written in pink sidewalk chalk. I almost walked past it. Yet, I turned around and took a picture anyway. The words stayed with me for a while.

What Are You Signaling?

If you've been with us for a minute, you know that we are big on energy and how it affects us. Our bodies transmit information through our posture, expression, and the subtle energies we emit from our physical form. Say what now? In another way, we send information by the vibes we put out.

Have you ever been somewhere, and the mood shifted once a person walked into the room? What you felt was the energy or frequency of the space being altered by whatever they were feeling or thinking. The concept is not woo woo, by the way. Studies show how different music or words produce various patterns in nearby water.

If we're not aware of our thoughts or feelings, we can unknowingly signal to our environment and people around us things we may not want to experience. This is because we're constantly sending messages. As is the case in setting boundaries, we teach others what we will accept by the frequencies we emit.

Permit Yourself to Be

How many times a day do we hold ourselves back? Someone asks us a question and we may second guess our response. Maybe we're afraid they'll judge our truths harshly. Or perhaps you're in a meeting that finally has a topic you have input on. Yet you remain silent when the floor is open to suggestions. Why do we do this?

In the past, voicing your opinion might have gotten you in trouble. Perhaps it caused a riff in a relationship. Whatever the case, know that it is ok for you to be your authentic self now. Emotional intelligence is not something most of us grew up learning. As adults, we tend to discover it while seeking a better way of relating to others. Building your mindfulness toolkit and applying what you know in IRL situations is a step toward being more grounded and centered no matter what situation you are in.

It has to come from within for validation to have a beneficial and lasting effect. Speak words of power about yourself. Tell yourself that your ideas matter because they do! Go for the things that interest you even when you are fearful. Living a complete life means we are going to make some mistakes. Regrets sink in when we never try at all.

On The Road Back To You

It may take some time for you to find your authentic voice. That is okay. Learning who we are so we face life authentically is a practice that deserves self-compassion. Try to notice when you have opportunities to show up as the remarkable being you are. Journaling will help you reflect on patterns of behavior and thoughts that keep you stagnant. Practicing emotional awareness will help you notice how your thoughts may be affecting your body and nervous system. These are your clues that you are acting out of alignment.

Being authentic is not a license to be harsh or rude. Unless that is your baseline, that's a topic for another post. It's finding your home frequency and expressing yourself from that solid place of being. No, everyone will not love you, and that is alright too. If you discover things about yourself that you don't feel good about, you can change them. However, the change should happen because You feel called to do it for yourself, not so others will approve of you. The world needs your flavor of extraordinary, not the cookie-cutter version of you. Remember that you are love, you are worthy, and you have a right to take up space.

Remember, You Matter!


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