December 19, 2017

  What is an element? What is a particle? What gives it spark and animation? How does it work and what does this understanding bring? Maybe a deeper connection with our inner selves? Possibly connections with our cells to reorganize any low vibration or illness? Possibly change the dynamic of what we know as reality? Maybe it will bring a firm belief that you can attract anything that you desire to you? What are we exactly?

  The point being is that we are maybe misinformed as to what spirit is or the ideas we've built around the word. The elements of creation are air, fire, water, and earth. Combined they form, captain planet. No, I am joking, they form the quintessence or the fifth element is known as ether. This is the point in which physical matter is concentrated. based on the energy of the elements to give the spirit an act...

November 13, 2017

  It has been understood that all things are made up of matter. Have you heard of this? Most of us call it physics and it shows that we are nothing but a host of atoms that are configured into a pattern based on their energy output. hmmm... Well, lets see what this really means.

 In our science, we have determined that the above statement is absolutely true. We are solely just a force of energy that is connected by electrical and magnetic bonds. This is all things in our known universe. So, when it comes to seeing the body and organism, why is it that we are not focusing on the energy that is emulating the physical structure? If we can comprehend the vastness of life that is within us, we would be capable of so much more. Things would be more fun for one. Life on earth is pretty sweet when you see what is happening beneath the su...

November 6, 2017

  Would you say that you are aware of your feelings? Do you take the time to assess how you are feeling inside and within your emotional state? Are you happy? Are you frustrated? Are you sad and lonely? It could be that you are just numb or empty? Do you have a burst of excitement and peace? Is it maintained as much as the frustration and negative feelings?

  It is very misunderstood how we work and what we are told about our body. In my practice, I have seen the effects of emotions being the first cause of the pain and discomfort. So, our goal would be to go back to the memory and let it go. As would the area of discomfort or unbalanced energy. It was true that I was able to find this in myself and also in my clients. It helped me to understand that we could be approaching this in a way that is not optimal for healing the entir...

 This weekend we were a part of an Inner Peace Co-Op Retreat in Northern, PA with a super fantastic group of women. Not only like minded, but it was full of creativity and self expression. Each person gave a lecture/class of their skill set and passions. We learned some really creative ways to build better practices in our lives and in our businesses. What we got out of this weekend was truly a blessing. We were capable of connecting with mother earth, the water, the air, friends and now new family. It was a truly fulfilling weekend. We got to expand our knowledge, our business, and we were also able to attain some new creative ideas! We learned many things from the esoteric, to arts & creativity, divination, building stronger daily rituals and making altars. All while cultivating new...

September 12, 2017

Do you feel people use their reactions and emotions to sway you in a particular direction? Bullshit and total manipulation, but maybe unknowningly. I find people use certain ways and ideas to get another person to move and respond. I deal with it, as we all do, with various people. 

  Do you call it out or play the passive role of their shit? Some people tend to have a harder grip on our reactions and triggers. Why in the hell do we let them? Some call it love, empathy, being sympathetic and some simply just don't like conflict. Whichever the case, its never good. This is why! Either way you damage a part of yourself when the reaponse is negative. First, if you just let it slide and you hold your tongue, this will cause the throat chakra to close. Then that uncomfortable lump forms in your throat. Never good. Or you choose to give them a p...

August 30, 2017

What are you? Who are you?

Do you know? Are you aware?

Today we are so caught up in the mundane life of back and forth, to and fro. The saying people tend to use a lot is, "Same shit different toilet." Really? Well, that is shitty.  

Unfortunately, this tells me that we as a species are not aware of how powerful we truly are. Did you know you are capable of anything or idea? Let me explain. You feel you are looking from the back of your head out through your eyes. Yes, this is true but how does it work? Do you know? 95% of humans have no idea how we work or how we are put together. Yet we go on just spinning the mill and never thinking of how capable we are. Mostly because of what we have been told or taught about the human perception or concepts. "We are physical and weak, we are made up of flesh. It ages then you die." Well damn!

For starte...

August 7, 2017

  Have you ever noticed animals coming into your path and intuitively felt there was something profound they were sharing with you in that moment? Have you ever taken the time to listen to what they were telling you, or do you brush it off as an everyday mundane life experience?

A few days ago I was walking with our 4 year old son on our way to one of my favorite parks in Brooklyn, Sunset Park. As we neared the block to the park our observant son yells out in excitement “Mom, Look what I found!” It was the biggest, brightest green caterpillar I had ever seen! (I’m a Brooklyn girl, and all the caterpillars I’ve seen have all been small fuzzy ones!) So to avoid the possibility of this gorgeous cool creature being stepped on, I decided to scoop it up and carry it to the park. We found the perfect tree to let it make it’s ascension to the next...

Are you aware of the brain that exists in your heart? Chances are you're not. Not to worry though, majority of people don't know mostly because science barely has unraveled these ideas. Yet somehow our ancient ancestors knew more than a thing or two about this heart brain. Some of our most cherished ancient spiritual traditions lived and taught the importance of The Human Heart. 

Have you heard about The Heart Math Institute? Founded in 1991 to help individuals, organizations, and the global community incorporate the hearts intelligence into our day to day life experiences. They connect heart and science in ways previous studies in modern medicine could not see or possibly imagine. Their peer reviewed scientific studies of the heart empower people to live a more heart conscious lifestyle which greatly r...

July 19, 2017

  When it comes to balance we tend to lean more to one side due to the process of our up bringing or the ideas we focus on. Now what is balance and which way are you leaning? To understand we must first bring into our consciousness that we are both masculine and feminine energies. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Its all about the energies that play on a level duality and the confines of this reality. We as a species have been living in a male dominated society for thousands of years and it has played a huge role on how we see the world and even react to it. We tend to solidify these roles based on our ill guided perception of what it truly means to be aware. To understand how they work within each human and how to cultivate both sides of the yin and yang. The image alone speaks volumes, but we miss it. It shows that we can...

March 29, 2017

People have given their health to their doctor,

their money to their banker,

their soul to the preacher,

their children to the school system, 

and in doing so...

have lost the power to control their lives.

-Rolling Thunder

If I were to ask you what you are, how would you define yourself? Majority of people define themselves by their physical characteristics and attributes which misses a very fundamental part of the entire makeup of The Human Being and all that surrounds it. When looking at your body it seems pretty solid, but research has shown that when the body is magnified a million times what they see is a single atom, and when they look further into the atom they discover an infinite amount of empty space and imperceptible energies moving at the speed of light. Why is this relevant? Because that means what we actually are, are beings of inf...

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What does it mean to be self-aware? What does it mean to be conscious of every thought and emotion? There is a universe within your body and you already have the answers. Understand, you are a master of creation. Never forget that!


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