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Tonight I met my Self on my mat.

In all the emotions we are experiencing I came into myself, merged with my consciousness and allowed what is here, within, to be. Full Moons are notorious times for letting go.. and this Super Moon is sure assisting us in big ways. I've been witnessing my judgement towards myself towards past memories that came into view on the screen in my mind over the past 2 weeks. Rather than suppressing, repressing, or distracting myself... I've been feeling the judgement, the shame, the ridicule, the fear and I ask for help from the ones who walk beside us to assist in my surrender through to compassion. There are parts of myself that I can judge and condemn forever because that is what I have practiced since a young child. Practiced thoughts gain momentum quickly via the help of The Law of Attraction. But these days I am seeking the pathway of surrender.

Surrendering the judgement allows me the courage to express compassion for myself, and it clears my emotional and energetic vibration. Which is a direct opening for the light to consume the dark parts. I am willing to see my dark parts and in asking for help I am slowly surrendering them to the light through forgiveness. Some days are extremely hard, while others are a breeze.. as I glide my way across this earth with effortless ease and Divine Self expression.

We all have our dark parts. The Shadow that mostly lurks in the background and rears its head in various and seemingly infinite forms of self-sabotage. Most often just when we reach another pivotal time of expanding ourselves to reach a higher state. It seems there is always something else that comes out of the woodwork... but through knowledge and constantly seeking the truth of who I AM, I am able to cultivate more and more self love. Which is what fuels every positive area in our lives. I remind myself every chance I can that I am a Spiritual being having a human experience, and that I am in this world but I am not of it.

Through the process of self healing we continue to reach new heights in our conscious awareness. We develop resilience through the darkness and in turn our light is able to shine brighter than we have ever known. Every day I AM choosing to love myself. Through self correction and uncovering the hidden aspects I AM rapidly establishing trust in my true authenticity. The more I seek my Authentic Self the more I discover my power because the light shines so brightly it is impossible to deny that I have greatness within me! (Thanks Les Brown)

As we uncover, as we dismantle the faulty foundation of limiting thoughts on which we live our lives, and replace them with self empowering truths, it becomes harder and harder to lie to yourself. The dark parts are only dark because we are not seeing the whole truth.

Here are some profound truthful statements that will assist you in reawakening your True Authentic Self. Say to yourself, ideally in front of a mirror, or upon first awakening and before going to sleep:

I AM Valuable

I AM Worthy

I AM Strong

I AM Powerful

Thanks for taking the time. I hope your time spent here with me was valuable. It is time I go and put my little boy to sleep.

The light in me honors the light in you,



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