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Whoooo are yooouuuu?

What are you? Who are you? Do you know? Are you aware? Today we are so caught up in the mundane life of back and forth, to and fro. The saying people tend to use a lot is, "Same shit different toilet." Really? Well, that is shitty.  

Unfortunately, this tells me that we as a species are not aware of how powerful we truly are. Did you know you are capable of anything or idea? Let me explain. You feel you are looking from the back of your head out through your eyes. Yes, this is true but how does it work? Do you know? 95% of humans have no idea how we work or how we are put together. Yet we go on just spinning the mill and never thinking of how capable we are. Mostly because of what we have been told or taught about the human perception or concepts. "We are physical and weak, we are made up of flesh. It ages then you die." Well damn! For starters, we are not merely flesh and this is where we get stuck and can not see past "WHO" we are. Let's use basic physics to understand this idea. So we all have been taught that everything in our known universe is made of matter. Which has weight and characters that make up solid and dense objects. Then we have understood that all matter is made up of atoms that have protons, electrons and neutrons. Now that our technology has advanced we are capable of seeing inside the atom. This has shown us it is full of potential energy that has particles which can do anything. 

So what does this mean? Well, we will soon discover that the elements of creation are within and are formed solely based on the thought given. The intent focus that the being has placed its ideas on. Are you understanding? We are full of energy. Potential energy at that. Now let us take a better look at this. Let's start with the flesh. We have skin, muscles, bones, soft tissue and so forth. These forms are composed of cells that are completely conscious because they are you and you are they, right? Inside are so many organelles that help the cell to have a life. Inside the nucleus of the cell is where we have the chromosome that is a compilation of codes that help you to build your body into its physical form. The chromosomes are made up of tightly wound DNA strands that are then made up of a specific code. The code is written by atoms that form a pattern to spawn the human genome. This is who you are. Oh, but there is more. We are a multiverse. You have many universes living inside of you thinking they are inside of what we can call God or Source. Each level is not aware of the macros or the micros. Though they are all connected and aware they are alive. doing their part as a conscious being in your body. We now know this with our science. This is how the placebo test was founded. We understood that how we feel has a drastic impact on what our body does. It is all subtle vibrations that we put out. When it comes to the multiverse. You have a physical body, a cell body, an atom body, light body, electric body, magnetic body, auric body, astral body, bio body... shall I go on? There are many, many more. We work in various ways but the truth behind it all is how we feel about things, people or circumstances in our lives. Our feelings are most important and your area of the body in which you feel is a warning to tell you... "This is not for you!" Our body is a guiding system to let us know when we are not balanced or in homeostasis. We need to listen to ourselves and trust our intuition. That's called the gut brain or the enteric nervous system. Once you feel it choose better and trust your gut. Now that you have a small education this will help you to make a new day every day because it is never the same. Know that you are capable of anything. We truly have no limits. We have just given the atoms the idea that we are incapable. This can be changed. Practice meditating but not by clearing your mind. Try just feeling your body. Scan it and connect with the multiverse living inside you. Thank you for your eyes, Omar Davis CrashBell 

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