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How I caused myself to get Sick...

Stress Causes Illness

Since last November I have developed this none-awesome cough and a slight bronchial infection. Its super uncomfortable and feels like a lot of pressure on my chest. Now, I really never get sick, so to have something like this happen was a shock. Seriously, I never get sick. I had to deduct the things that were going on in my life and take a keen look at what I was doing. This was in every area of my life, what was going on emotionally, monetarily, how my business is developing, physical activity, even my eating habits. During the time I was experiencing a lot of frustrating moments with my oldest son and his mother. I felt I was growing more angry with their behavior and had to go into some deep meditation to calm myself down. I seemed to talk about it everywhere I went and it was constantly on my mind. This lasted for three months and about two and a half months in. I got very ill. After two weeks of a steady decline and wheezing. I decided to go see a doctor. They took some test and told me that it was nothing wrong. This did not surprise me because intuitively I was having information come to me in many ways that showed me that anger and frustration were my issues.

I had many lucid dreams that showed me directly in the area of my lungs that were affected and the energy within. This was the exact point that I felt muscle tightness and sharp pain in my ribs, back, and chest. I knew that this is the reason the doctors could not find any issues. They were not looking with the right lens. In the dreams, I witness my atoms and energy signature. I dove down into the depths of my lungs seeing the color and size of the faint spot. It had a weak energy signature and helped me to understand how the issue was not physical.

I then wanted to dive deeper into what it means to have lung ailments. I looked up the experience and emotion attached to bronchial and lung weakness. The answer was astonishing and helped to know that my intuition was just as I was shown. To have these to ailments suggest that I was dealing with family grief and anger. Boom! Literally, the exact thing I was experiencing. It has been 5 months and to be open, I am tired of this shit. My chest is uncomfortable and I truly need to get to the bottom of this weak energetic signature. It could become something physical if not. I had to recognize that the emotions were more damaging than the idea of sickness.

How I Changed My State

Due to the illness, I have begun to meditate on forgiveness and going into the area. I understand I have to change the energy with my imagination and my intent. I combined that with feeling the area of stagnation and manipulating matter to allow energy to flow fluidly. I have figured out that I have to not only change the way I perceive the idea but I also have to let go of the problem. There is no problem, it is just my reaction to the said problem that is causing me frustration. So daily I have dedicated myself to releasing this energy and resetting the atomic structure and DNA back to its original function. Yes, this is possible but super complex. I not only have to go to the atom, but I also have to forgive the action that was projected towards me. I was in defense mode and I needed to let go of the rope of this invisible tug of war.

So now that I have directly felt "how" that situation was perceived. I then had to think about my stressors from my practice and business. The monetary pressure of growing my business and supporting my family. Creatively I was on fire. Pushing out content and finishing up my programs and courses. Staying up late and not resting enough to allow my consciousness to process the emotions. I was not too active at this time. So stagnant energy is bound to settle. Now I had to deduct the things I chose to eat from this process. Maybe I was eating foods that did not support a healthy immune system? Do those two things directly correlate with each other? Can a bio-organism of emotion also be stimulated by foods that produce the same chemical reaction in the body? Yes, it can! This is why emotional eating by people is commonly overlooked holistically. When we are in a certain state of being, we crave certain foods. We have all been here. Eating to soothe our emotional state whether we are aware of it or not. From my studies, I was able to apply the awareness to this into the foods that I ate that cause inflammation. This also happens with any trauma that is experienced. Stress causes inflammation, so somehow this had to correlate to emotions and diet. I was shown this from my own perspective and experience. I trusted my intuition and then found the science to prove my theory, when speaking with my circle of friends that are therapist. We have known this for a while but therapist are just now starting to speak about this correlation.

Practical Application

In my practice, I would address diet with my patients and give them my story on how changing my diet changed my life and perspective. Also allowed me to address emotions that were being ignored. This could also be triggered by food that would soothe my body after I ate whatever chemical response associated. Here is a clear example. Stress creates inflammation in the body. There are certain types of food that create the same biochemical response. The body adapts to the process that is consistent in the body forming habits. Our consciousness also attaches certain beliefs and idea's to generate a consistent feeling of that same chemical or emotional response. We are nothing but creatures of habit, learning how to synthesize light waves in many forms. From our ears to our eyes, to our hands, smell, and the speed of the molecules that allow us to taste. I had to keep all this in mind when I am feeling the area of my discomfort. It is important to have the awareness to give the conscious brain the ability to make it more possible. Otherwise, you would be fighting the common beliefs of what you have been told is true.

This has been a challenge but I do find that I am allowing myself to understand that I can change how I respond to things. All that energy and effort in anger and frustration made me sick. Yes, the circumstances were there, but my reaction is what led me here. Not the people involved. Do you see how complex this life is? It is so much information that its almost impossible to keep this in mind when just living day to day. All the emotions and feelings we have can be so distracting. When you are in a good or uncomfortable feeling, try to keep in mind that we are not physical. This is a scientific fact. I want you all to understand that we are much more capable than what has been told to you. Your body is made to synthesize and manipulate matter. We just have not been given that education. Allow this information to sink in and if you are inspired. Research and find ways to educate yourself. Our job is not to change your beliefs, we are here to just educate on what is true. It's up to you to find yours.

I am slowly understanding and making a deeper connection with my body. The sickness forced me to do it daily and love myself more. I am now constantly nurturing my child inside. Reminding myself that, "I do not deserve this." So just let it go.

I hope this has inspired you to have compassion for yourself and be aware of how you respond to shity situations. It takes practice and it will get tough. This is where being soft on yourself will help you get through it. Step back rather react.

Thanks for your eyes, CrashBell

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