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Do You Now! Don't Wait Until January.

Are you sighing at the fact the year is ending while also anxiously thinking of New Year's resolutions? It's time to switch things up. We know that those January plans made in haste might only last until March. By that time, your goals may not even be recognizable. There is a great opportunity to use these last few weeks in December to create a roadmap for 2022, rest stops included!


Before you dive into the Big Plan, take an honest look at the things that didn't work in 2021. Why? Doing this allows you to see where you strayed from your path. If there was no plan, even more reason to see how that served you or not. This is your Release Session. Put on some relaxing music. If you have songs that bring up deep emotions, play them. Have some tissues and a soothing drink. This is a deep dive into the places we tend to hide in the corners of our souls. We have to look at them and accept them. Mistakes are not permanent scars. They are information. Use them to help you learn whatever lessons are meant for you to experience. Let them go with compassion for yourself.


Now that you've lightened your load, you'll want to see what did work in 2021. Did a mental shift allow you to navigate a challenge in a healthy way? Use this Review Session to acknowledge all the mindful ways you showed up for yourself and others. We get so busy that we don't give ourselves time to experience what is going well. Go ahead, you can totally pat yourself on the back. This is a good way to practice gratitude as well. Congratulate yourself on all the wins you had. Big and small, they all count. Guess what though? They get to come with you into 2022. Ride that streak!


You have a foundation of proven outcomes. Great! Build on this momentum. What will your life look like when you reach your next milestones? Or do you want to go deeper into the areas you've already had success in? Have fun with this and get detailed. You have to envision it and feel it to manifest it in your life. You don't have to start from scratch. When you Revise and Build your 2022 plans, you're using what you know works and adding some flavor to it. Now that you know what you're capable of, let your wins inspire you to dream bigger. Having mini-goals helps take some pressure off that beginning of the year energy. Decide what tools will support you when your focus wanes or you have bad days. Take it easy and coast into 2022 knowing that you got this!

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