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The Inner Peace Co-Op Retreat

This weekend we were a part of an Inner Peace Co-Op Retreat in Northern, PA with a super fantastic group of women. Not only like minded, but it was full of creativity and self expression. Each person gave a lecture/class of their skill set and passions. We learned some really creative ways to build better practices in our lives and in our businesses. What we got out of this weekend was truly a blessing. We were capable of connecting with mother earth, the water, the air, friends and now new family. It was a truly fulfilling weekend. We got to expand our knowledge, our business, and we were also able to attain some new creative ideas! We learned many things from the esoteric, to arts & creativity, divination, building stronger daily rituals and making altars. All while cultivating new ideas in how to build any practice or personal desire!

Stephanie led an amazing Workout/Yoga/Chakra Meditation that allowed us to tune in, clear, and charge our inner world. It was amazing and she was uplifted and encouraged by everyone to teach more, because she was awesome! I presented The ETC Project and gave some basics on the human anatomy, and thought versus chemical reaction. The feedback I received was encouraging and gratifying. We also got the kids involved as I touched upon L.E.R.M. (Light Encoded Reality Matrix), then actively played with seeing this right in front of our eyes, in the space that surrounds us!

This experience was so satisfying being able to express our individual talents, strengths, and insights in a wholly supportive and uplifting environment! It was healing and clarifying on so many levels. We all were filled with gifts, like trusting our intuition above all, trusting that we really do know the answers within, tons of inspiration, exponential growth, the support of the village and community, and some fun and new expressions! The best part was allowing ourselves to disconnect from technology. Watching the kids explore in the dirt and the lake, getting their hands and feet dirty was fun, for the adults also! It was a well planned community effort to bring warm and loving foods, which all tasted amazing!! The morning sunrise was overlooking a lake and magnificent mountains, the colors of the leaves changing, sprinkled with whispers and quiet children laughing. It was very simple and transformative. I am so excited that Stephanie and I are able to share our personal experience, and what we took from the retreat with you! There will be more to come so stay tuned for that!

Lake Ariel

We both received messages, and had experienced insights and growth into the direction we see in our manifest and unmanifest reality. This experiences was magical and we all felt it. The guides and spirits made it very obvious that they were present!

We are looking forward to doing a lakeside retreat again, and we welcome anyone who may be interested in joining us to come share in the epic connection of The Self and Source. We are constructing a page on our site for all who are interested in joining us on this adventure.

We are deeply grateful for our good friend Janellea for opening up her space, and her heart to make this all possible. For the women that joined us we appreciate all your efforts, your presence, and all the ways you contributed. We are so grateful to have been able to gift our contributions towards building a better inner perspective and aligning with our truths. It was all in perfect time. Everyone walked away with something very special.

Thank you for eyes,

Stephanie and Omar


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