What does it mean to be self-aware? What does it mean to be conscious of every thought and emotion? There is a universe within your body and you already have the answers. Understand, you are a master of creation. Never forget that!


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February 1, 2017

How do we find Purpose in life?

Today we here a lot of words that are being thrown around that have to do with your purpose or reason for living. I find this is a waste of time and makes people feel as if they have no purpose at all. We waste time trying to figure out our purpose rather living life to the fullest daily and following our joy. Passion is more fulfilling than purpose. Follow your passion and your purpose will reveal itself. You may have many purposes!

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January 30, 2017

This past weekend I attended Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Experience 2 day workshop. For anyone who doesn't know of this Courageous Fierce Force known as Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena) she "is a revolution: an icon, teacher, author, mother and one of a handful of pioneers on the planet researching the nature of pleasure and dedicating her life to the discipline of pleasure and fun. She believes that women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet, and after attending her workshop I truly believe her! 

I was part of the attendance of 2,000 women at The Jacob Javits Center on the weekend of The Famous Womans March. 2,000 women ALL in alignment supporting, accepting & uplifting each other regardless of our political beliefs, ethnicity & religious backgrounds was truly comforting and empowering! I've never experi...

January 26, 2017

Sometimes You Have to be Brutal

It was about 6:34 pm and I was asked "When you say you deal with your ego, what do you mean?" I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts. I stated "Brutal Honesty!" She asked "Honest with what?"

"Well, myself. I am in a constant state of questioning my thoughts and actions. I weigh every thought with the question, Why?" She then stated that it must be so exhausting.

 This seems to be everyone's answer to the idea when I explain to them what I am attempting to achieve. I asked the lady if she would rather live a life full of anguish and torment from mental and emotional discontent? Or deal with the fear head on and deny the ego any chance to become that full grown beast. She stated what everyone say's "Well yes of course I would deal with it."

  This is where the brutal honesty part comes in. Most say the...

January 18, 2017

Back Pain is an ILLUSION!!!

"There is no Biochemistry outside of Awareness; Every cell in your body is totally aware of how you think and feel about yourself.

-Deepak Chopra

  In my practice I see lot of patients that complain about lower back pain and the constant day to day strain. I assist them in not only the physical manipulations but the mental and emotional factors as well. Which the new science shows us are really the major causes of the pain we are experiencing. Our thoughts and the emotions they produce determine the vibratory expression that the energy body extends outwards, which ultimately determines our physical reality. The new science is breaking down the barriers that have been misguiding people on how to "handle" these bothersome pains. Truth be told, the institute that funds Western Medicine also funds the pharmaceutical...

December 28, 2016

The other day I found myself unable to turn away from a video of a mother and her 2 year old son covered in ash, dust, and blood after being bombed while sleeping in their beds in Syria. The 2 year old boy wasn't even crying, he just sat in shock engaging his hands together as what I believe to be his mother, wept in agony besides him as all her other children were lost in the disaster. I was at work and had a break, and seconds after I watched the video one of my amazing coworkers came and sat next to me and shared a video of a 7 year old girl getting pampered at a spa with such joy in her face, and light in her eyes... and I lost it. I completely broke down as my coworker held me to her chest. I felt helpless as I watched this video. I wanted to take those children and hold them the way my coworker held me, and tell them that everything...

December 18, 2016

It's been 8 weeks since I delved back into A Course In Miracles. Through the years I was always hearing from the people I enjoy learning from speak about what A Course In Miracles taught them. (Now, I say taught but the real meaning is a reawakening.) On the bottom of the cover is written: A Foundation For Inner Peace. Every person has explained through references of the book, that if people would apply the teachings from the book into their personal lives, there would without a doubt be more peace in the world.

It seems now that humanity, in our false perception of it, is a far cry away from world peace. Humanity is upset by the horrors, and angry at the division. Separation is what created this whole mess in the first place, & we are angry at the constant division! But it is precisely why we need to cultivate & uncover it by l...

December 16, 2016

 How deep does emotion grow within each person? This is endless and Doctors or mainstream Scientist have no clue on how far inward the soul travels. We are as far expanding as we are deep within. One person can love a spider and another be deathly afraid. Its not the spider that makes them feel this way. So why does one choose to fear? This is usually stemmed from an instance where they were hurt or uneasy, maybe even startled. This can be anything really. Its all on how they person perceives it. Everything created is a replica of steps Source took to become self aware. Its life all around that takes this form, because Source is this form. To understand lets look at a tree. When we look at a tree we notice how tall and wide the tree is. Most don't think or have the perception to see how deep the roots go. Its always face value when it com...

November 14, 2016

  In all the emotions we are experiencing I came into myself, merged with my consciousness and allowed what is here, within, to be. Full Moons are notorious times for letting go.. and this Super Moon is sure assisting us in big ways. I've been witnessing my judgement towards myself towards past memories that came into view on the screen in my mind over the past 2 weeks. Rather than suppressing, repressing, or distracting myself... I've been feeling the judgement, the shame, the ridicule, the fear and I ask for help from the ones who walk beside us to assist in my surrender through to compassion. There are parts of myself that I can judge and condemn forever because that is what I have practiced since a young child. Practiced thoughts gain momentum quickly via the help of The Law of Attraction. But these days I am seeking the pathway of su...

November 10, 2016

Yesterday marked a very important time for the U.S. We have all felt confused, upset, unsure of who to choose given the chances we were given. I tune into Abraham Hicks very, very often. When I am given the opportunity to access Infinite Intelligence in any state I am feeling, I make a conscious effort to do so. If anyone reading this has not yet experienced the teachings of Abraham, I HIGHLY recommend you acquaint yourself. They had a recent talk about the 2016 election, and they said they feel this is by far the BEST presidential election in US history!! Now.. before your emotions fly off the handle with that one.. let's just examine why that can possibly be true. 

Listening to Abraham I will let you know first hand, the more you learn (uncover what your soul already knows) the harder it becomes to accept mainstream societal beliefs...

November 10, 2016

Welcome to our blog site where we will inspire, motivate and share our journey. We live our lives looking to always improve and expand our consciousness. Our goal is to help share these ideas and spread awareness to every human in search of their own truth. We are grateful to share and expand our audience. We thank you all for tuning in.

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