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Me Time Basics

Me Time sounds great. What’s it all about though? Glad you asked. Me Time is CrashBell’s solution to the unprecedented amount of burnout people are experiencing globally. It’s actionable steps you can make to reset and shine through these wild times.

Notice the wave before the wipeout

Mental exhaustion happens in increments. Headaches and zoning out may be signs of stress creeping in. Are you present when interacting with people? Do you have a harder time than usual finishing tasks or even getting started? Do you feel more tired and irritable? Is your sleep pattern thrown off? The pressure to be available is unprecedented. This is not a healthy way to live. Experiencing any of the above situations could mean that stress is trying to camp out in your soul. It's not paying rent, so it has to go!

Before you max out, train yourself to be aware that you are about to hit a wall. Set boundaries on your time and capacity. Give yourself transitional time between activities. For example, when you come home from work, have something to eat and maybe read for a while before you jump into schoolwork. Or have check-in time with your child where you talk about the day and share gratitudes. Then you can look over their homework. By doing these, the focus shifts from non-stop performing to a more balanced way of being.

Get those feel-good vibes some juice

During your workday, Me Time can be things you do on a lunch break or for a few minutes between tasks. On the weekends or whenever you get time off, Me Time can be done for longer stretches. The only way you will prioritize yourself is to make these activities non-negotiable. Treat them like very important meetings with the Chief Executive Officer of your life, You!

Here are some suggestions

Make a cup of tea. Take your time to sip it and practice gratitude for what you have in your life.

Write down things that have been on your mind

Listen to uplifting music



Play video games with your kids

Draw or paint for the simple joy of it

Move your body organically, dance, stretch or shake off the blahs

Read a chapter from that book that’s been sitting around

Chill with the family; listen to a podcast together, watch a movie, or play a game

Take a bath. Set the mood to unwind. Use aromatherapy oils. Put on relaxing tunes and light some candles or use the flameless type.

Go to a museum

Explore your city/Take a day trip to a town nearby

Nothing (sit with yourself and just be)


Somewhere in your life, you are overgiving. If you think you don't have time to "indulge" in Me Time, you're mistaken. Reclaim your time to ease your mind. Small steps to more peace are available to you. The main goal is that you build the habit of taking time for yourself. Our days are not meant to be filled to the brim. Having space in your life allows you to notice all that you have. The world may need you, but you need you more. By filling your cup, there is something left for you when you serve others.

Ready to get your work-life balance on? Join us by taking CrashBell's Me Time Pledge!


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